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Let’s reach 100 patrons!

The FloorballToday 2.0 project is now underway for a couple of weeks. Did you miss the news? Read here about the passing of FT 1.0, followed by an explanation of our resurrection.

We are now blog writers with only one goal: writing detailed, in-depth and longer floorball content.

What we write can be divided in a number of different sub-topics, like:

What is our goal?

Our aim with this website in one sentence: FloorballToday wants to make timeless quality articles about floorball. A database with tactical explanations, with tips to improve your game, with stories worth reading.

How are we going to achieve this?

Writing quality articles takes time, more time than writing a match report or a short interview (which we used to do during FT 1.0).

Step 1 to reach our goal is to grow our Patreon page. This is what keeps us alive! You can support us with a small monthly donation. Every donation means that we will be able to write more content.

At the moment there are around 50 supporters, or ‘patrons’, with whom we are extremely happy.

However, in order to be able to contribute even more to the creation of the articles, we want to have 250 patrons as soon as possible.

We take good care of our patrons. Not only will you be able to read all our articles, you also can choose and vote about the articles you’d like to read in the future (don’t worry, if you just want to read, that’s more than fine!)

Our first concrete goal is to reach 100 patrons before May 1.

You can help us by becoming a patron now to support us! After summer, we hope to be at 150 patrons, and before 2020 is over, we hope our goal for this year will be reached: 250 patrons.

Are you in?

Then we’ll see you on our Patreon page!

FloorballToday needs your support. Please consider donation a small monthly donation to make our website possible.
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