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The list of the world’s 10 best female floorball players of 2018 is released. The list was made by Innebandymagazinet together with national team coaches and international media.

LIST: Top 10 players in the world (2017)

10. Sara Steen, Sweden & Endre IF (-)

Already as a 14-year old, Sara Steen made her debut in the Swedish Super League (at the time called Elitserien).  6 years later, in 2016, she took a spot in the national team and got to lift the WFC trophy following year. So far in 2018/19, she’s already had her best season statistically with 52 points (29+23) in 21 games.

9. Corin Rüttimann, Switzerland & Piranha Chur (3)

We can safely say that Corin Rüttimann is one of the best players Switzerland has produced in the last decade. 2018 marked her 10th anniversary with the Swiss national team and she is going strong. She dropped a couple of places in 2018 year but we expect her to climb up again after the WFC2019 where she will undoubtedly play a leading role for the Swiss national team.

8. Cornelia Fjellstedt, Sweden & IKSU (-)

On #8 we find Cornelia Fjellstedt, an offensive defender who is one of the reasons why IKSU manages to dominate the Swedish female SSL in the last couple of years.

7. My Kippilä, Finland & KAIS Mora IF (10)

Photo: IFF

My Kippilä rose to fame when her penalty was denied in the overtime penalty series of the finals WFC2015. Then a talented youngster, now she has grown into her role and combines creativity with excellent passing and shooting skills. Over time, she has become an unmissable asset for KAIS Mora.

6. Sofia Joelsson, Sweden & IKSU (-)

Photo: Per Wiklund

Sofia Joelsson is one of the most hard-working forwards in this list and – combined with excellent positioning and clever runs – currently holds the 7th place in the SSL point league.

5. Amanda Delgado Johansson, Sweden & IKSU (8)

Photo: Per Wiklund

Amanda Delgado Johansson, the talented youngster who scored the penalty that gave Sweden the win in the finals of WFC2015, has continued to grow in the last years. With tons of experience for her age, the 24-year old sniper will undoubtedly make a presence again during WFC2019 – and we are looking forward!

4. Anna Wijk, Sweden & KAIS Mora (5)

Anna Wijk, Unihoc’s icon, has been present on the list of best players since we can remember. She had the right to call herself the best player of the world from 2014 until 2016. The center of KAIS Mora combines incredible game-vision with extraordinary passing and solid shooting.

3. Moa Tschöp, Sweden & Täby FC IBK (4)

Photo: IFF

Moa Tschöp is an incredibly productive defender currently placed #6 in the SSL top point league. In 2017, she was awarded a place in the WFC All-star team.

2. Emelie Wibron, Sweden & IKSU (2)

After being ranked fifth (2016) and second (2017) last times, Emelie Wibron managed to make it to a top spot again. She won the SSL last season with IKSU, with which she’s currently leading the ranking as well. Wibron, who’s celebrating her 27th birthday on Wednesday, scored 2,85 points on average per game so far: 57 (27+30) in 20 matches. Only Anna Wijk and the 2018’s best player (see below) have scored more points so far!

1. Veera Kauppi, Finland & IKSU (1)

Photo: IFF

Two years ago, Veera Kauppi wasn’t even in the top 10 and now she’s become the world’s best – for the second time in a row! Still, she’s only 21 years old! With her current numbers in the SSL (in 21 games, she scored 48 times and gave 26 assists), Kauppi is working hard on reaching the #1 position next year as well. We’re looking forward to the WFC 2019 in December!

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