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Uppsala Derby: Storvreta brings ‘little brother’ Sirius to its knees (+Highlights)

The Uppsala Derby between Sirius and Storvreta was what we’ve seen before: great goals, a big score, with, in the end, Storvreta taking the points. 

Sirius could keep up with Storvreta during the first period, which led to 3-3 after twenty minutes of playing time. Tobias Gustafsson opened the score and within four minutes, Storvreta had already taken a 0-2 lead by Valdemar Alroth. Goals from Joakim Alvinder, Henrik Malmgren and Christian Sandsund made the home audience cheer three times, although, in between, Alexander Rudd had also found the net.

The home team might have hoped to keep up with Storvreta the way they did, but the reigning Swedish champions kicked it up a notch and scored seven times in the second period (Gustafsson 2x, Henrik Stenberg, Michael Jansson, Jimmie Pettersson, Hampus Ahren, and Alexander Rudd). Due to goals from Johan Eriksson and Malmgren with his second, the intermission score was 5-10.

The final period finally was won by Sirius (2-1), which led to the final result of 7-11. Patrik Buman and Sansdund (his second) found the net, while Storvreta’s last goal was made by Albin Sjögren. Storvreta climbs to second place in the SSL ranking after the team had already opened its season with an overtime victory against Falun. Sirius has zero points after two games.


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