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5 Easy Ways to Become a Better Floorball Player (+Bonus) | PRO

Floorball is a young sport, easy to start, hard to master. Do you want to get better at it? Then read our five tips.

There are few sports as accessible as floorball: you can play it right away without having to practice it first. But becoming a pro like Joonas Pylsy or Corin Rüttimann, that’s something else!

The pros have practiced, for years and years, and that’s probably what you’re doing too. I’ve been playing myself for about eight years now – before that time I didn’t even know that floorball existed – and there are still so many things I want to get better at.

“So what are these easy ways to get better you promised us?”

I’ve made a top 5 of points that often go wrong in training sessions and matches, but that can be improved very easily. Little effort, lots of results! So read on.

The 80/20 rule

One more thing I’d like to mention before I start off with the 5 tips is the Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, which states 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.


What if… you can become a FAR better floorball player than you already are, by only focusing on a few major pieces of advice?

The five tips to become a better floorball player

Tip 1: Never stand still

As you know, floorball is fast, dynamic and explosive, and you have to go along with it. During a game, teammates alternate continuously, and such a shift usually only lasts for a maximum of one minute.

Think of this minute as one long action, in which you walk free, conquer the ball, pass, make yourself playable, sink back into position, start a counter and so on. Standing still? No way! When there are five players on the field, you block the whole pattern when you stand still, bringing the machine called ‘your team’ to a stop.

So make sure you’re always moving. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to sprint for a minute – even moving slowly is moving – but be aware that you can’t walk freely if you’re standing still, you can’t cover your man well and you can’t create any goal chances.

“But where should I run to?”

We can’t answer this question for all situations. But what I want to show by using the image below is that sometimes you don’t have to do much.

You are the lowest blue X, our highest-standing forward on the half of the opponent. We own the ball on our own half and you are standing close to two defenders. If you can now keep these two defenders busy, our team is actually playing in a surplus: 4-vs-3, which is highly beneficial for our attacking game!

How do you keep both defenders busy? By moving only a few meters at a time, from left to right, back and forth. You are still listening to tip #1, as you are moving non-stop until your team has brought the ball into the opponent’s half, at which time to decide to make yourself available at some other place on the pitch.

Not yet convinced? Then try to pay attention to the following during the next game you’ll be playing: when your opponent is stationary, it is much easier to defend or pass than when he is moving. From now on, standing still is out of the question!

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