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We are looking for pictures from the German league. Are you a photographer, do you know one, do you take some pictures with your smartphone every now and then? Help us! Last year, we’ve published this article already, but now we’re in the same struggle. Our German Bundesliga blog and news writer Kimmo Vallema is […]
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The FloorballToday Podcast episode #4 is out now! In this episode, we discuss anything about floorball in the Czech Republic, with help from Patricie Bartova, who’s been working at the Czech Federation for years. Links to streaming platforms: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Podchaser | Patricie started her job as a writer for […]
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The FloorballToday Podcast #3 has been released, with an interview with world-class referee Thomas Andersson. Check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe! Links to streaming platforms: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Podchaser | Thomas Andersson has whistled big games and tournaments such as the SSL Finals, World Floorball Championships and Champions Cups. […]
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When executed well, the slapshot is the fastest shot in floorball. Where do the speed and power come from? That’s what I’m gonna dive into today, helped by ice hockey and… physics! Fact: in 2011, the record for the hardest ice hockey shot was broken: Denis Kulyash (Russia) managed to shoot with a speed of […]
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A few weeks ago the IFF has invited stakeholders worldwide to provide feedback on its latest strategy draft. A bold and important move we want to support. Why digitalization and professionalism are essential, what a pan-european Champions League could bring and why we should quit the Olympic dream. At least for now. The following article […]
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In this article you will find many floorball goalkeeper tips to bring your level to the next game. Whether you are a beginning floorball goalie, an experienced goalkeeper, or even a field player, there is much to learn from this article! In the previous part, I covered the basic posture in the goalie area, the […]