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Poland to highest ranking ever after beating Slovakia with big numbers

Poland has become #5 at the WFC 2019 after a clear 8-4 victory against Slovakia.

It’s a historic achievement for Poland, as their previous best ranking has been a sixth place, in 2011. For Slovakia, it’s a step back after their 5th place in 2017.

Zuzanna Krzywak opened the score after 108 seconds already, but Slovakia struck back and turned around the score by goals from Paulina Hudakova – who would end the tournament with 9+13 points – and this game’s MVP Denisa Ferencikova. She scored 1-3 in the second period, but between 30:16 and 35:28, Poland was to score three times.

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Poland v Slovakia, Malwina Zagórska (#83, Poland), Katarína Klapitová (#12, Slovakia) (Photo: Fabian Trees/www.imagepower.ch)

First, a penalty shot was monetized by Justyna Krzywak, after which Dominika Buczek equalized the score. Joanna Szelzchen even put Poland in the lead. In the 47th minute, Slovakia gave it away as Poland scored twice. First, Zuzanna Krzywak scored her second and from the following face-off, Agnieszka Timek-Dziadkowiec scored 6-3 (with a great assist from Buczek).

Slovakia took out its goalkeeper and managed to score, but Poland scored two empty-net goals and set the final score at 8-4.

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