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Do you want us to promote your tournament?

Are you hosting a floorball tournament? We can help you reach your target audience, getting you more players and teams!

FloorballToday offers the possibility to promote your tournament. For €250 excl. VAT, we will give you a FULL MONTH of promotion, including articles, banners, and social media posts.

What will this partnership look like?

What can we offer?

In the past half-year, we’ve had around 117.000 pageviews from 43.000 unique visitors. We attract a young audience which includes players, coaches, staff, etc. Despite great numbers from the traditional TOP4 countries, they only make up 50% of our traffic. We are a worldwide platform with a basis in Europe, although we see a clear rise of readers from Asia (Singapore for instance) too.

We can help you promote your tournament, beforehand, during, and afterward. More information can be found on our Advertisement page, or get in touch using below’s contact form:

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