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Floorball is done….for now…

It’s the End of the World….ermm Season as we know it…

I know….I told you just last week that “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”…..you know…”one more round” and so on…. well the fat lady did not sing….and is not about to either. I believe she has Corona and is refusing to utter a word.

So what does this mean to us in Floorball-playing Germany. In short…the season is over…done….no champion…no cup champion…no trainings for now….the players, trainers and everyone involved have to basically re-learn to social skills and make contacts outside of their team and learn to live with their families again. I know….recipe for a disaster! ­čÖé

The Final4 was already cancelled a couple of weeks ago so people had already gotten used to the idea….still hurts. I am sure all of the four teams had hopes for some glory in the tournament, but now we will never know. The tournament was played up to be “THE TOURNAMENT” in Germany with audiences nearing 3,000, masterclasses with international stars, partying…you know the works…. Now all that is left is some bills….for the hosts….for the teams that already booked hotels, transportation etc and had to cancel with just some 10days warning and not able to get full refund anymore. I know this is not the fault of the organizers as they did the responsible thing and cancelled, however this will hurt the bottomline of everyone involved.

German Champion 2020 is…..

well noone…. I suppose the closest claim to the title lies with Leipzig as they will remain the last team to win the Championship. Does not make it right but hey…who said life is fair.Just the way it is.
Yes, I have heard the same gripes about the competition as everyone else “why do they not just play the rest of the matches then later…like in the summer?”. If it only was so easy….but first of all…who knows if this thing with the virusy things is over by then. Even if it was, how do you coordinate the halls again with the dates……and even if you could….comes the biggest problem….the players. There are teams that are heavily dependant on their foreign players…now without having any details about their specific contracts, I doubt that any of them have provisions for staying in Germany until end of July or so… This means that the teams entering the Playoffs or Playdowns, could potentially look quite different from the teams competing during the season. 
Without naming any teams in particular, I believe some of them might be in trouble as the foreigners carried 80% of their scoring for the season and suddenly you might need to cannibalize your U17 teams just to get the blocks together.
I believe German Federation also realized this and the official line from them is NOT that the season is postponed but rather cancelled.

What about 20-21??

Now this is an interesting question. Who wil be play where the next season. What about the relegation from 1st Bundesliga? What about the promotion from the 2nd Bundesligas? No matter what you do…there will be those unhappy.
Personally I believe the fairest decision might be to expand the league for next season to 12 teams. So nobody gets relegated and the best teams from the two 2nd Bundesligas will get promoted. Of course this will raise the question “who are the best in the second” since normally it has been the best two in both leagues (there are the North/West 2nd Bundesliga and the South/East…) battling it out in playoffs. So #1 in NW plays against #2 in SE and vice versa. Both of these leagues also missed out on the last round.
For NW missing last round does not make much difference for the title as Schenefeld had already built up 10 point lead before the last games…but the second position in the league was still up for grabs between Eiche Horne Bremen and Ebersg├Âns.
For SE the situation is even more tricky as SC DHfk Leipzig, Saalebiber from Halle and Igels from Dresden all could technically still end up in top two… so what is fair there?? I know for a fact, that I am happy not to have to make that decision. Like I said, no matter what you do, someone will be unhappy.

What about the summer?

Yes…good question…summer is full of fun and more serious floorball tournaments not only in Germany but across Europe? What is the faith of them? Can they be run….will they be run. How do you keep the teams motivated and together with this 6 month break in competitions?! There is only so much of condition-training you want to do on your own first and drilling later as a team will also quickly lose it’s appeal when there’s little chance to get some adrenaline pumping with competition against your peers.  Those in national teams hoping to get ready for the upcoming World Championships in Helsinki in December, this break is also not ideal. Somehow they need to keep fit, keep practising with their teams in order to still be in the squad and in competing form come December.

…and the blog?

yes…..perhaps it is only my mother that is reading this blog and it is not much of a loss….but over this season I have written a fair few articles here about the competition, the organisation, the rumors the games etc.
I have been doing this semi-religiously once a week for about 6months now but it is coming to an end. No, I will not quit writing altogether…at least I do not think so, but there is only so much to write about when there is nothing taking place. So I will be taking a break from this as well for the foreseeable future. Should there come some announcements from the German League, new Infos about the next season, juicy rumors that DJK Holzb├╝ttgen has acquired Kotilainen and Pylsy (I do not deny or confirm ;))…you’ll be first to know. In the meanwhile, stay safe, get to know your family again…they are really not that bad if they have made it possible to play floorball so much…and for wash your hands!

Signing out,

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