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German Bundesliga had another double-feature last weekend

Another weekend another couple of rounds.. Yes…it was another double-feature for many teams again this weekend. The pace is furious, it is almost as if the goal is to get as many games done as possible before the Covid comes and spoils the party again.

Now do not get me wrong, I happen to like it. Considering we just came out of a LOOONG break with no games at all, pretty much everyone has been anxious to get back to business.

So let us take a look at the results then from the fun-filled weekend.

The games

MFBC Leipzig – Floor Fighters Chemnitz 6:2

Wanting to continue their unbeaten run, MFBC Leipzig hosted the team that last year managed to cause an upset or two. At the same time, Chemnitz was certainly hoping for some strong results after somewhat of a mixed bag of results in the early season.

As both teams found it difficult to get to the boards for the first half of the game with only the guests from Chemnitz managing it once. As if to catch up for the first minutes, the next 4 saw four of them. However it was the hosts that got the better of it and as the period ended it was the reigning champions that had turned the tide by taking a 3:2 lead.

The last period, despite the best efforst of Chemnitz, saw only MFBC getting to the scorer-sheets….and that three times. So it was once again MFBC collecting the full points in their quest to repeat their title run.

DJK Holzbüttgen – Berlin Rockets 11:2

The season-start for DJK has been strongest they have ever seen with three victories to start the season with. If Berlin had a disastrous season last year, it has not been the easiest start this time either . As they started their season against the powerhouse Weißenfels with a clear loss, it was perhaps a hopeful start of something else as they managed a 4-4 draw against Chemnitz the previous weekend.

The slow start for DJK has been somewhat characteristic through the start of the season, but what they have lacked in organization, they’ve managed to counter with brutal efficiency. So even if the game for DJK was not the strongest possible, the goals from Koivisto, Hofferbert and Heinen that secured the first period for the hosts even if Berlin did managed a powerplay goal towards the end of the period.

The balance of the game finally tilted in the beginning of the second period. DJK scored 4 goals in just under three minutes. Berlin did manage to cut down the lead as they were awarded 2 minutes on 5-3 powerplay. The ball fell to Vaicis who used his chance to score his second PP-goal of the night.

This was however the closest Berlin was ever going to get as the hosts just did not plan to take it any easier. DJK managed to score three more times in the period and left no doubt in the end who deserved the points more on the night.

So the good run of DJK continues and is one of the few teams still undefeated for the season. Additionally DJK must find some comfort with the fact that the 11 goals for the night were scored by 8 different players. Added to this not letting any goals in on even strength certainly will boost the confidence for the upcoming games.

UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – VfL Red Hocks Kaufering 9:4

Well if anyone thought that the team that has been undefeated now for longer than anyone cares to remember, was about to just run over Kaufering….well they were probably right. Kaufering had a difficult start to the season last year, but were able to pick it up towards the end of it and were certainly in the race for the play-off position.

If Kaufering was planning to stage an upset, they were not that far off. The game progressed all the way to half way point of the third period in a close contest. As Ricardo Wipfler managed to draw the game with a succesful penaltyshot in the early part of the period it still looked hopeful for the aspiring guests. However it was the hosts that managed to find another gear and as they saw their goal-tally grow it was the hopes of Kaufering that were diminishing by the minute. Even if the game was closely competed for the most part, it was Weißenfels that left noone wondering if they are up for a challenge of regaining the title.

Red Devils Wernigerode – Blau-Weiß 96 Schenefeld 5:6

The third game was the charm for Schenefeld. After rejoining the first Bundesliga this year again, it took them just three games to get back to winning points at the highest levels. Granted, having to meet the top two teams in the country in the first two rounds, it was not really expected for them to get it earlier either.

If last season was difficult for Wernigerode, it certainly has not been any easier this season either. Starting the season with three losses in succession, alarm bells must be ringing again as the promoted Schenfeld stole the fourth game from them as well.

Actually the game seemed to run on fairly even terms with Wernigerode even taking the lead by 5-4 as there was less than 10minutes left of the game. However two 2-minute penalties in quick succession to Wernigerode gave Schenefeld the chance they were looking for. They took a full advantage of the powerplay and scored not only the equaliser but the game-winning goal during the penalties.

In the end, it was all there was to it in the end. Schenefeld managed to hold on to their lead and took the first points of the season leaving Wernigerode looking for another opportunity to score the first points of the season.

TV Schriesheim – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 7:8 (OT)

The thriller of the weekend was fought between the Hamburg team and Schriesheim. Just as it seemed like Hamburg was just going to cruise away with a comfortable victory leading the game by 6 goals to 1 and the game was only 10minutes old…something happened.

A little by little, Schriesheim ate away on the lead of Hamburg and as the third period was half way done, suddenly the games was 7 a piece. As no more goals was added for either of the teams in regulation, it was overtime-time.

Schriesheim certainly did themselves no favours in the beginning of the overtime by taking 2 penalties in quick succession. Hamburg was however not able to capitalize on this manpower advantage. Just as teams were about to be ready to share the points evenly, it was Durasi that ended the gridlock in Hamburgs favour. Whatever happened next, I do not know but Bohls from Hamburg managed to get a 10min penalty in the process…perhaps one of the readers can enlighten me on what happened there in the end.

In the books will now remain 2points for Hamburg and 1 for Schriesheim.

SSF Dragons Bonn – SC DHfK Leipzig 6:3

Bonn having lost their first two games definitely wanted to turn the tide with this double-feature weekend. Having both of the games as home-games certainly gave them an opportunity to do that. The newly promoted Leipzig has had anything but the dream-start to their first Bundesliga season. Having suffered two losses with rather large numbers , they travelled to Bonn.

The Dragons took a quick charge of the game in the first two and as they took a commanding 6-0 lead with only 9minutes played of the second period, it was enough to break the back of the guests. Even if it was only Leipzig that managed to score in the latter parts of the game, it was not to be. With the end result of 6:3 for the hosts, the nosedive of Leipzig deepens and Bonn managed level their own flight.

SSF Dragons Bonn – Berlin Rockets 5:2

If Bonn managed a comfortable victory over Leipzig the previous night, Berlin certainly had a different experience in hands of Holzbüttgen.

With a decimated squad of only 13 fieldplayers, Berlin was not able to hold Bonn back for longer than 50minutes. As Bonn managed 2 goals in just 37 seconds late in the third period, Berlin was forced to travel back from their tour of western parts of Germany empty-handed.

MFBC Leipzig – VfL Red Hocks Kaufering 12:7

As the 4th round of the competition is closing, Leipzig wanted to keep their clean record going. This time the victim was to be Kaufering. Even if Kaufering managed to win the first period, it was not enough to hold back the force of nature better known as MFBC Leipzig.

The players of the night for Leipzig must be Mark-Oliver Both (4+1), Arian Trütschler (3+0) and Samuli Granlung (0+4). With this victory, Leipzig also managed to claim the top-spot on the table when most teams have completed 4 rounds of games.

ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Blau-Weiß 96 Schenefeld

This game has been postponed to 4.December 2020.

The tables after round#4

With most teams having completed four rounds, there are three teams currently undefeated. Leipzig and Weißenfels have been joined by DJK. At the same time, there are three teams that are currently struggling to find points. Kaufering, SC DHfK Leipzig and Wernigerode must be wondering what it will take to turn it around


Looking at the scorerlist from a German perspective it must be a refreshing change to be able to find 8 German players in the top10 where the ration has traditionally been quite the opposite.

Next Games

There are no break for our teams quite yet. As you can see the next round is just around the corner. Perhaps the most interesting games of the round are probably going to be the mid-table battle between Bonn and Chemnitz. However the games between Kaufering and DJK as well as Weißenfels and Hamburg have a recipe of becoming very interesting games.

Oce this round is over, our teams have certainly earned a break….but they are not going to get one. The Cup-competition is about to continue just a week later and I will try to find some time next week to take a look into the upcoming matches there and find out if there are any dark horses that could upset the balance. 🙂



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