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Floorball in Germany, an introduction by our new blog writer | Kimmo blogs

FloorballToday starts off with a new series about floorball in Germany!

Usually, FloorballToday focuses on the four biggest leagues, but as we want to grow further, it’s time to include another country. We want to introduce you to Kimmo Vallema, a Finn who’s been living in Germany for the last ten years. He’s hyped about floorball and loves to write about it, and starting today, that’s exactly what he will be doing for FloorballToday. Read his introduction article below!

Greetings and Salutations from Germany
“I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. My name is Kimmo Vallema and come originally from Finland. Having traveled and lived extensively abroad, I have now found myself living for the last 10 years in Germany. My background in Floorball is actually not that impressive since I really only started whilst already living here in Germany at an “experienced” age of 40+. Now granted, I did dabble in it a little while still studying in Finland, never really in any organized way.

Kimmo Vallema

Why am I telling you all this then? Why do you care? Possibly not….but I will do my best to try to cover the German Floorball-scene when it comes to the league and cup-competition at the highest levels of competition in this country.

To start off
First, a small disclaimer. For the last 6-7 years, I have been actively involved with a club DJK Holzbüttgen both playing and behind the scene. I have seen them rise through the ranks from lower leagues up to the 1.Bundesliga – the highest German league. The last few years I have been part of the Trainer Team as well. Technically Assistant Coach I suppose, but realistically the “guy that does a little bit of everything that needs to be done”… so anything from catering to Game-statistics to patching up players… like I said… whatever is necessary.

I believe that most of the content I will be writing will be around the game-weekend -reports. However, since I am always on the way with “my” team, I can really only give a more in-depth analysis of the games “my” team is playing. It is not because I do not care about the other teams, but unfortunately, the budget of FloorballToday is not high enough to approve the costs it would take to develop technology allowing me to be in more than one place at the time.

Having said all that, I do however promise to stay as objective as I can. I do like to think that I have integrity enough to be able to write an honest report on what took place. I will let you be the judge of that.

What to expect?
So, what will I write? The way I see it, would be during the season largely weekend-reports. Who played whom, who won, how does the table look like, what are the prospects for play-offs vs play-downs, etc. Perhaps I can mix in an occasional mini-interview with some of the players/trainers in the league… but other than that… I do not really want to limit it to any strict format. I will probably write a bit more blog-type than perhaps “pure journalists” would do. I’ve been told that my tone might be a bit humorous even with a hint of sarcasm… so there’s that you have to live with! 🙂

“The disastrous Grip-gate might need re-visiting after the IFF has re-visited it.”

I would also like to keep the doors open to you guys (assuming there will be more than one). What interests you? I can already see that the league-system in Germany with its peculiarities could be something we touch upon. Special Events (German Cup, Sponsored Tournaments), perhaps National Team following the great showing of both the Men’s Team in Prague last year as well as the U19 Team in Halifax? I will then do my best to find out for you and share it. The disastrous Grip-gate (see I am not planning to hold back my personal opinions at times if I think it is necessary) might need re-visiting after the IFF has re-visited it.

We have now a couple of months time before the official start of the season so we have a bit of time. Things that I have already lined up include Introduction to German 1. Bundesliga, the teams in it and the playing system. There are also a number of International Special Events coming up that might get touched upon (Prague Open, Renew Cup) should the time allow. So please let me know what you want to read about. You can contact me through this website!


Any thoughts about floorball in Germany? Or questions you’d like to ask Kimmo? Let us know by sending an email to hello@floorballtoday or contacting us through social media!

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