Well….you might have figured it out by now, but as some might have expected, the floorball-action in Germany has ground to a halt. As the infection-numbers started to climb it was always only a question of time before the German governing organization Floorball Deutschaldn (FD) was forced to take action.

The bottomline now is that the league-competition have been put on hold until end of the year. Should the situation suddenly dramatically improve, then of course things can change, but looking at the situation out there, I would not hold my breath over it.

The Last Games

Before the closure took effect, they did manage to get a couple of more games and here’s a quick overview on them.

SC DHfK Leipzig – Red Devils Wernigerode 7-8

It is as if the two teams at the lower end of the table, knew that they will not be scoring any goals for the foreseeable future, so they decided to make the best of it and score plenty of them now.

Even if the first period was relatively cautious with teams testing each other out scoring each. In the end it was Wernigerode that managed to edge out a lead with just 4 seconds to play at the end of first.

Now, if there were audience there (thanks covid), they might have thought this is going to be another low-scoring game. Getting 2 goals in the first 60 seconds however probably quickly took that illusion away. Just as Wernigerode started to pull away, Leipzig fought back and some 20 minutes later, it was 5-5 as the teams took a well-deserved break.

Perhaps both teams saw that this open-door-policy does not seem to take them anywhere so slightly more cautious tactic was to be expected. Even if the scoring chances came down, the pattern remained the same. Wernigerode started to pull away once again in the early parts of the period and it was only until the 9th minute of the period as Leipzig re-entered the race. As Vojta Krupička then opened up the gap again to two in favor of Wernigerode Leipzig knew they had their work cut out for them.

Their chances increased dramatically as Wernigerode received a 2-minute penalty for hitting the stick. Leipzig sent in their powerplay and were rewarded just 30 second later. Suddenly we were in a 1-goal game again and still more than 6 minutes to go.

Well…to cut a long-story short, despite the furious efforts from Leipzig, no more entries were done to the books in this game and it was Wernigerode that took the all so important 3 points. Incidentally the last points in the league to be delivered for the foreseeable future.

League Standings

So where does this leave us now in the tables.

Three teams are sharing the honors at the top of the table having suffered no losses so far. The current champions Leipzig and the powerhouse Weißenfels have been joined by Holzbüttgen.

At the other end of the table there 5 teams within just 3 points of each other so a single win could change the situation quite radically. Kaufering, having lost all of their 4 games so far, must see some silver-lining to this corona-break as it allows to re-group and come back stronger whenever the league resumes action again.

In the mid-table it is Hamburg, Chemnitz, Schriesheim and Bonn that are currently battling it for the last 4th place for the playoffs. However nothing should be read into this as we were not even quarter in in the season.

Cup-Competition and how to go forward

So what about the cup then?? We managed 2-rounds and now what? Well….you tell me. As FD called halt to all competition, this includes the cup. So I am sure there are a number of back-offices all over Germany that are feverishly trying to minimize the losses caused. These would be coming from things like accommodation-costs and travel-costs that the teams had to commit to in advance of the away-games….

So hard-times all around. The only thing we can do for the time being is to find creative ways to support our sport. Support your clubs (do not resign that membership just because covid has called a halt to all activities), support your favourite floorball-suppliers. Perhaps it is the perfect time to get some christmas-presents for your loved ones from your favourite floorball-shop as they are certainly feeling the pain as well.

So…until we hear something new from FloorballDeutschland, I am afraid I will have no games to write about. I will see if I can squeeze in an interview or two but other than that…..stay safe!



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