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German Bundesliga heats up

The league is back again in full swing and some of the results have caused some headspinning across the floorball-playing Germany.The only thing certaing at the moment it seems is, that it will take something special to take down Weißenfels this season. Is anyone up for it? Leipzig is certainly going to give it a go, but will the likes of Chemnitz and DJK be able to mount up a surprise?

Let us first take a look at the results of the last weekend.

Floor Fighter Chemnitz – Berlin Rocket 5:4

Those who thought this game was a foregone conclusion, were perhaps surprised as Berlin managed to mount an impressive comeback in the third period. Being down 5-1 to one of the strongest offense in the league would make anyone nervous, but Berlin battled through it and with 3 goals in about 4 minutes late in the third, left perhaps Chemnitz reeling a little. In the end, the brave battle was not enough and the Floor Fighters were able to keep the points to themselves. Perhaps this result however brought a sparkle of light into the camp of Berlin in their preparation for Final4 tournament just 4 or so weeks away.

TV Schriesheim – MFBC Leipzig 8:7

Considering the late form of Leipzig, it was few that believed that Schriesheim could take the cake here….well apart from Schriesheim themselves. However this is exactly what they did. And in style. It was only 2 late goals by Leipzig in the dying minutes and seconds of the game that were able to bring them even this close. So the battle tightens not only at the top but also in the mid-table where the battle for the remaining playoff positions rages on.

Red Devils Wernigerode – ETV Piranhhas Hamburg 7:6 (ot)

Wernigerode has a chip on it’s shoulders it seems. For the past few years they have been a regular in the playoffs, so the current league-position is somewhat a mystery. However they have certainly stepped up their game with an impressive surge forwards and are still within a grasp of the last few playoff spots.
Hamburg on the other hand is gripping tooth and nail to their position on the table in order to avoid it slipping further away. So the game itself was of crucial importance to both going in. In the end I believe nobody in the 200+ audience was left cold as the game turned out to be a floorball-version of “tale of two cities”.
Piranhhas started strong and as the mid-point of the game arrived, were already up 6-0 as everything was coming up roses. Until it did not anymore…..as it was Wernigerode’s turn on the driving seat and the next 6 goals went for them. In the end it was Krupicka von Wernigerode that ruined the day for Piranhhas with his overtime winner. Red Devils one step closer to the playoffs and Piranhhas struggling to keep up with the heat.

DJK Holzbüttgen – VfL Red Hocks Kaufering 5:6

The seasons low as far as the audience goes (126) were met by a struggling performance by the hosts. Even if DJK has already one foot in the playoffs with 8 points separating them and the last qualifying position. Kaufering on the other hand still does have a chance to climb up at the expense of others..provided they can deliver points. This they did on this weekend as well. Their first of the weekend was against DJK and certainly got to a good start as they took the first three goals to their name. After this it was DJK just chasing but never really got close enough. Even the three goals from the Finn Samu Pietilä were not able to help the hometeam to victory as Ricardo Wipfler from Kaufering was able to match it with three of his own.

ETV Piranhhas Hamburg – Berlin Rockets 3:2

If the performance against Leipzig gave some hope to the Rockets Piranhhas were having none of it. Having themselves suffered a tight loss on Saturday, they were keen on not having that repeat. In this low-scoring game it was the Piranhhas that got over their loss faster and grabbed the points. The situation for Berlin is starting to look scary when it comes to their hopes of remaining in the league even if the situation for Hamburg is not much better with both at the completely wrong end of table for that.

UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels – SSF Dragons Bonn 13:3

I have been asking for volunteers to come and stop the march of UHC to their umpteenth title….well it looks like Bonn is not the answer. For two periods Bonn managed to keep it respectable trailing by only 3 goals until UHC found another gear and left Bonn in dust by giving them a thorough trashing. 13-3 result leaves no room for interpretation and will cause some head-scratching also on the Bonn side as they have now slipped below the coveted play-off line.

VfL Red Hocks Kaufering – TV Schriesheim 6:5(ot)

Kaufering continued their impressive run of late by securing a 5p weekend with their overtime win over Schriesheim. The 240 or so spectators in Kaufering got to celebrate with their team when Schriesheim conceded an own goal with only 2min to play in overtime. Nevertheless, Schriesheim still solid on the 5th place in the table with same points as DJK it looks pretty okay to me. Kaufering can still stage a comeback of the year as their recent form shows….after all the last playoff position is only 4p away. Just have to go Hamburg, Bonn and Wernigerode to get there.

So another busy weekend behind us once again, but the circus shows no signs of slowing down.  Here first the table as we know it after these last rounds:

The league does not lay still however as we are well on our way in the race to the finish with games every weekend until the Final4 competition.  The official end of the regular season is on the weekend of 14.-15. March (Bonn-DJK will be played on Sunday as it was postponed due to storm a couple of weeks ago). Here however the games for the upcoming weekend:

As we can see…anything can, and will, happen in the league. The gloves are coming off and expect some surprising results also after this round. 

After missing the DJK – Kaufering game last weekend for personal reasons, I am looking forwards to travelling with the team to Leipzig again to see if we have managed to find another gear and take Leipzig to the task.

Until then….take care


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