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Watch: Made in Bolka, a film about the story of Florbal MB

Mlada Boleslav is one of the top teams in the Czech Superliga. The floorball club celebrates its 20 years of existence with a 55-minute film about the history of Florbal MB.

In the press release, the Czech club Mlada Boleslav mentions the following:

“We are an elite Czech floorball club and we believe that our journey is like no other as we are the only Czech team (and perhaps in the world too) who made it from the lowest league to the very top, after winning the Superfinal in 2018. To tell our story and celebrate over 20 years of our existence, we have made a 55-minute film Made in Bolka. It is probably the only floorball film of its kind in the world. We believe our film speaks a universal language and tells a bigger story than that of ourselves. It is a story of the sport of floorball – from the humble beginnings to packed arenas.”

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