24 October 2019

Why Joonas Pylsy picked Switzerland

Joonas Pylsy has been one of the best players from the last season. His transfer from Classic (Finland) to Wiler-Ersigen (Switzerland) is a massive surprise to many, but not to himself. We spoke Pylsy about his transfer.

Joonas Pylsy had a successful season. With Finland, the won the World Floorball Championships and with Classic, he won the Champions Cup and the Finnish Salibandyliiga. Now, it’s time for a change as the fast center moves to Switzerland.

Why leave?

Classic has become one of the strongest teams in the world. They have won a few championships in a row now and were the first non-Swedish team who won the Champions Cup. However, Pylsy decided he needed new stimulants to keep on improving as a player: “I won everything in Finland, so now I want to become Swiss champion.”

Why Switzerland, then?

Many teams from three countries showed interest in Pylsy. Helped by his agency Krona, he picked Switzerland, but the obvious question would be: why not move to Sweden, where it seems to be easier to find new stimulants. “At that time, the Swedish League was in crisis due to discussions between the clubs and the league organizations. It was unclear what would happen and I didn’t want to take any kind of risks for my spot in the national team, so I decided going to Sweden was too risky.”

It was indeed unclear at that time how the SSL – or Premier Floorball League? – was going to look like from season 2019-2020. For Pylsy, the decision was easy: Switzerland was the best country, Wiler-Ersigen the best option. “I want to win the Swiss championship and I also want to win the Champions Cup. I hope we can face Classic and beat them!”

This article is part of a larger interview with Joonas Pylsy. In the next weeks, more articles will follow. If you have any questions to Pylsy, contact us via social media or mail.

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