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The SSL-drama briefly summarized

Photo: Per Wiklund

Big decisions that will have a great impact on the future of Swedish floorball are currently being made. Here’s the situation briefly summarized.

What is the PFL

The PFL is short for Premiere Floorball League. It was recently created by the SSL clubs association (FSSL) and is planned to start already in September. 11 women’s teams and 12 men’s teams have already signed up to play in it next season, while only 1 women’s team and 2 men’s teams has signed up for the Swedish Super League.

At the moment, the Swedish Floorball Federation own the league which the teams play in (SSL). They control the broadcast rights and hand out parts of the revenue to the clubs.

With disagreement between the clubs and the Swedish Floorball Federation about how the revenue should be divided and long negotiations without progress, the club organization has decided to start their own league where they will own the broadcast rights themselves.

Which teams are currently joining

IK Sirius FBC
Täby FC
Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
Malmö FBC
IBK Dalen
Karlstad IBF
Örnsköldsvik IB
Warberg IC
IBK Göteborg
Jönköpings IK

Lindås Rasta IBK
Storvreta IBK
IBF Falun
IBF Örebro
Jönköpings IK
Höllvikens IBF
IBK Dalen
Mullsjö AIS
IK Sirius IBK
Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
FBC Kalmarsund
Linköping IBK

Not decided yet
Västerås Rönnby
Endre IF

SSL (Men)
Växjö IBK
FC Helsingborg

SSL (Women)

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