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Preview: you don’t want to miss these WFC games!

Tomorrow, the third day of the WFC starts off with six more group stage games.

Here’s the full list. Which games will you be watching?

10:30 CET Australia – Thailand

Australia surprisingly beat the USA earlier on and is now aiming for a new victim: Thailand. The last two games, in January 2017 and 2019, were both won by Australia: 2-8 and 1-6.

13:30 CET Slovakia – Latvia

The numbers 5 and 6 of the World Ranking meet after both having lost their first game. This will probably be one of the closest games of the day!

15:00 CET USA – Singapore

This battle in Group D has to be won by the USA, as they lost their first game already and can’t afford another slip. Singapore won its first game (against Thailand, 3-1) and is eager to beat the USA in their first meeting after the 3-2 lost game in 2017.

16:30 CET Norway – Japan

Norway is heading towards the victory in Group C and needs to gain at least one point. However, the expectation is Japan will have to play better than ever to become an equal match for Norway.

18:00 CET Germany – Finland

Germany lost two games already, against Switzerland (12-1) and Poland (4-1), while Finland lost its game against Switzerland and might need a game to fight off its frustration. One might expect Germany to get a tough time.

19:30 CET Sweden – Czech Republic

The reigning champions against one of the title contenders. Both teams won their first games, Sweden against Slovakia (1-23) and the Czech Republic against Latvia (2-14). This will be a fine way of ending Day 3!

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