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Thomas Andersson at 10th edition of Golden Gate Cup (with live broadcasting)

Swedish referee Thomas Andersson has traveled to San José (close to San Fransisco, USA) for the Golden Gate Cup 2019. His thoughts about the GGC:

“I’ve been participating in The Golden Gate Cup for the past three years now, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to coach and mentor USA Floorball referees. While there is no nationwide professional league, there are several major cities that have their own Floorball clubs, such as Dallas and Fresno, CA.

The World Games 2021

USA Floorball hosts a tournament annually where the US National champions are determined. This tournament is hosted by the most active clubs in the country and it is played at a new city each year. Next year the US Nationals will be held in the same city that will host the TWG 2021, Birmingham, AL.

Golden Gate Cup celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year and this will be the first time the tournament is broadcasted LIVE on TV in the US. The biggest sports channel in the US, ESPN will show several games LIVE:

WATCH – Live broadcasting Golden Gate Cup

The purpose of my presence is to referee games in the tournament together with USA Floorball referees, conduct referee clinics and observe/coach USA Floorball. All of this is aligned with Swedish and International Floorball Federation guidelines for future grassroots growth of USA Floorball.

Referee clinic

Presentation material is provided from the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and education structure is provided by IFF for the development of future IFF referees and support of referee structure locally in each country where this is provided.

(Article continues below photo)

Thomas Andersson (Photo: Dennis Erixon)

Also, the biggest benefit of having this ref clinic in combination with a tournament such as Golden Gate Cup is that the referees are first given a theoretical education in a lecture environment and then given the opportunity to trial the new knowledge in practice during the tournament with the supervision of myself, either on the court or watching from the stands.

When reffing the games, headsets are used and through these, I can coach my ref partner in real-time given various situations and also praise when changing and adapting to their new skills.

Preparing for 2021

This helps prepare for the biggest Floorball event in the world, The World Games 2021 in Birmingham, AL. USA Floorball are aligned and working very closely with the organizer and IFF to make this an amazing Floorball event in 2021.

USA Floorball have since early 2019 received their first Referee couple on IFF level – Mr. Vince Faso and Mr. Sean Edin.

USA Floorball is continuously working hard on growing and enhancing their organization.”

More information can be found on the website of the Golden Gate Cup, USA Floorball, or GGC Facebook.

In 2018, Andersson was also present at the GGC:

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