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In a back-and-forth game, the biggest winners were the spectators. The USA took the lead, but Australia tied before the first break. In the second period, the Aussies found the net three times and put the score to 4-2 (as in between, Marie Haggström scored USA’s second goal). Two times in the third period, the […]
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All the facts of group D of the WFC2019 Neuchatel. Read – The 5 most successful countries in the Women WFC [Patron Only] Australia Current Ranking: 12 Result Previous WFC: 15 First WFC Appearance: 1999 WFC Participations so far: 10 Best Result: 9 (1999) Most points last edition: Tara Meyer 3+3=6 Blaise Hodges 2+2=4 Tayla […]
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Meet Jenna Hausman, the 16-year old defender from the USA. In December, the only 16-year-old Jenna Hausman will play her first World Floorball Championships with team USA. How and when did you start playing floorball? And have you played any other sports? I started playing floorball about 6 years ago. Michael Borg started the club […]
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Swedish referee Thomas Andersson has traveled to San José (close to San Fransisco, USA) for the Golden Gate Cup 2019. His thoughts about the GGC: “I’ve been participating in The Golden Gate Cup for the past three years now, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to coach and mentor USA Floorball referees. While there is […]
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When executed well, the slapshot is the fastest shot in floorball. Where do the speed and power come from? That’s what I’m gonna dive into today, helped by ice hockey and… physics! Fact: in 2011, the record for the hardest ice hockey shot was broken: Denis Kulyash (Russia) managed to shoot with a speed of […]