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“A big challenge we face as a team is how spread out we are”

Meet Jenna Hausman, the 16-year old defender from the USA.

In December, the only 16-year-old Jenna Hausman will play her first World Floorball Championships with team USA.

How and when did you start playing floorball? And have you played any other sports?

I started playing floorball about 6 years ago. Michael Borg started the club here in Tomah Wisconsin and that is how my dad learned about it and introduced us kids to the sport of floorball. I quickly realized how similar floorball is to hockey which I’ve been playing since I’ve been there. I fell in love with the sport. We’ve been going ever since.

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Jenna Hausman (Picture: Adam Troy)

When did you join the national team?

The first time I played with the women’s National Team was in 2017 at the US Nationals in San Jose, California. I have always been too young to play in the qualifiers and WFC’s, but I was able to play with the team as a development player during Nationals. This past summer was the first time I was old enough to participate in the qualifiers for Team USA.

You’re currently living in the USA, is that right? Could you explain where you are playing and how everything is going?

Yes, I currently live in Tomah Wisconsin and I play for the Tomah floorball Club. We play every Sunday night year round and we have players that travel up 45 minutes to play. There are also clubs in surrounding states which include Minnesota and Illinois. We also have some other clubs all over the state such as Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey and many more. We have hosted floorball tournaments here in Tomah, Wisconsin. A lot of teams have come to this tournament: one year we hosted 19 teams.

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Jenna Hausman (Picture: Adam Troy)

How has the road to the tournament been and what were the biggest challenges you faced?

The road has been challenging with keeping up in schooling and other sports such as cross country, hockey, and soccer while still training and participating in floorball. I have my family, my teammates, club members and friends as an awesome support group encouraging me through this process. Another big challenge we face as a team is how spread out we are. The United States is so broad with players from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast plus the players living in Europe.

How is your personal and team preparation for the WFC?

I have been preparing for the WFC by maintaining good physical and mental health. Playing lots of floorball and other sports to keep me conditioned and yoga to restore the mind. Our team camaraderie is strong, which makes the team strong. As a team we play for each other. Everyone in our team is responsible for preparing themselves. The week prior to the tournament we will be doing our final preparations for the WFC.

You play against Australia, Thailand, Singapore. What are your goals in this group and what do you think of the opponents?

I want to give it a 110% every time I step on to the court and be productive for Team USA. I really want to be an impact player and step up to the challenges of the WFC. The teams we will be playing will be giving it their all and the competition will be tough. I am looking forward to seeing what those teams will bring.

Jenna Hausman (Picture: Adam Troy)
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