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Swiss star Jan Zaugg in Sweden: “I liked it right from the beginning”

At the end of last season, Swiss forward Jan Zaugg swapped his NLA club Köniz for an adventure in Sweden where he joined the SSL team Mullsjö AIS. Many were eager to find out how the creative player from Switzerland would adapt to playing in the “world’s best floorball league”. After a couple of months, he is currently 5th top point scorer in the league, an impressive feat, and one could conclude that the transfer is already a big success. Time to ask the 22-year old floorball magician some burning questions about his first months abroad.

Let’s start easy! How is it to play in Sweden?

Besides that everybody is talking in another language and there are 20 new players and characters around you, you never played with, there’s not that big of a difference playing-wise. Just playing floorball as I did before 🙂 The first day in Sweden started with a training day and a night out with the team. I got to know the team really fast and I liked it right from the beginning.

Can you tell me a bit more about the first months playing in the SSL? Is it different from the Swiss NLA?

As I said, I’m still just playing floorball. We had a tough start with some losses and a lot of injured players in the team. And also the last weeks with the trainer change… but we try to focus as much as possible on the important thing, that is playing floorball. It’s not that big of a difference. It’s a little bit faster in every way and also more technical while in Switzerland it’s more physical I feel like.

“In the end, I also want to have a lot of fun, after all, that’s why I’m doing what I do.”

What does your floorball schedule look like in an average week?

It depends on the games. Normally we train 4-5 times with the team and 1-2 games. I also try to have as much extra time with the stick and ball as possible before/after training or on free days.

You are currently doing extremely well in the SLL point league. Satisfied?

I really don’t care about those numbers. I’m happy that I feel good in the team/line and that I have good conditions here to play as much as possible as the best version of myself.

How is it to play with fellow Swiss-man Tim Braillard in one team?

Really nice! He’s a great person and obviously also an incredible floorball player. He helped me a lot on and especially off the court.

What are your hobbies outside of floorball?

I used to like playing tennis and golf. Unfortunately, I am unable to spend the same time in them now I am in Sweden. So I’m either playing video games, hanging out with teammates and I also love to sleep as much as possible.

In the meanwhile, we have played the EFT. Does it feel different now you play in the SSL?

Not really. The only thing I realized is just that it didn’t take that much time to acclimatize to the higher tempo on those international games.

Do you have any personal goals for this season?

I want to develop as a player and as a person and I want to become better every week. In the end, I also want to have a lot of fun, after all, that’s why I’m doing what I do.

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