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Veera Kauppi delivers final blow to Czech Republic and takes bronze with Finland

After Czech Republic’s dramatic loss against Switzerland in what is already called The Miracle of Neuchatel, and Finland’s tight defeat versus Sweden, the teams played out a battle for bronze. With Veera Kauppi again at their disposal, Finland secured the bronze medal in overtime with 5-4.

The first period started tight with relative few chances on both sides. By the end of the period Finland managed to sneak in a goal when Veera Kauppi assisted her twin sister Oona Kauppi who scored in typical Kauppi style with a quick devastating shot after a cutting cross.

Another powerplay marked the beginning of the second period. This time it was for team Czech Republic and scored by Eliska Krupnova who led the team for not the first time this tournament. It was the beginning of a period in which Czech Republic took a 3-1 lead. First, it was Denisa Ratajova, followed by a goal from Natalie Martinakova.

Finland came back in the third period. Oona Kauppi stood for the first strike after she picked the ball from a Czech player and quickly put it in the left cross. Not even one minute later Veera Kauppi was given just a little bit too much space and fired opportunistically towards the Czech goal. The ball hit the inside of the goal post and then the net. With the game brought to a tie, it was 16-year old Suvi Hamalainen to score the all-important 4-3 goal for Finland with just 8 minutes left on the clock. Czech Republic now saw themselves on the other end of a comeback – one they had to initiate instead of defend.  With 40 seconds Vendula Berankova’s dragshot from around the middle line found the Finnish net and the game went to overtime.

And who other than Veera Kauppi took the matter in her own hands. Two minutes in overtime, she quickly connected with My Kippila’s pass in a free ball and dragged the ball behind Jana Christianova. Czech Republic had suffered another devastating loss while Finland celebrated their bronze medal.


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