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BREAKING: Mika Kohonen made his decision

After a long silence, Happee has announced that they have renewed their contract with Mika Kohonen who will strengthen their ranks for the 2019/2020 season.

Mika Kohonen, praised by many as the best player of all time, has renewed his contract with Happee, a club which plays in the Salibandyliiga, Finnish highest league. Last year, the 42-year-old veteran returned to his mother club for a final season but now he has decided to continue the collaboration. The contract covers both Mika Kohonen as a player and his leading role in the club’s training center, where he acts as a mentor for young players.

Mika Kohonen showing his gold medal with fellow Finnish national team player Peter Kotilainen (source: AOP)

Mika Kohonen’s trophy cabinet is extensive. Not only was he elected five times as the best player in the world (2005, 2009, 2010-12), he also won the Swedish title four times (3 times with Storvreta, 1 time with Balrog) and he won the world title with his homeland Finland four times, too (2008, 2010, 2016, 2018).

WATCH: Mika Kohonen’s Best Penalties

In recent years Kohonen’s future has often been the subject of speculation during the transfer season. This year was no different for the 42-year-old veteran who has won everything there is to win. It has been quiet for a couple of months, but now there seems to be enough gunpowder in the barrel to continue for (at least) another year. After all, the beautiful Finnish capital of Helsinki beckons as the destination for the WFC2020. A view that is also burning on Kohonen’s retina.

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