20 September 2019
Finnish Salibandyliiga

FT Rebound: Finnish staff member gets 2+10+5+20 min (Match) penalty

A strange situation in Finland: as goalie Metsikkö (M-Team) is being taken care of by staff member/physiotherapist Lesch Petteri, the same Petteri starts to complain to the referee. The referee decides to give M-Team a 2+10 penalty for this. However, Petteri continues arguing and ultimately even receives a Match Penalty for this: 2+10+5+20. His team – already 11-0 behind vs. Happee – gets another two goals against during the shorthanded situation. Decide for yourself what you think of it!

The game was won by Happee and you can watch the highlights here!

In the FT Rebound series we take you back to historical moments of floorball.

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