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Podcast: #5 – Captain of Czech U19 team who won HISTORIC GOLD – Pepa Juha

Boy, do we have a guest for you today. On the center stage today we find Pepa Juha, one of the most energetic floorball players you will find (on and off the pitch), player in Sparta Praha who captained the Czech U19 team to their historical gold medal of the U19 WFC of 2019 in Halifax.

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We talk about everything and we leave out nothing. About his time with Bohemians, what made the transfer to Sparta Praha so controversial, his period in Sweden with Pixbo Wallenstam, the state of floorball in Czech Republic and, of course, an extensive walkthrough about the fantastic U19 WFC, from the preparation until the aftermath.

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If you want to have a look at the Czech Superliga, please click this link to watch the games for free (disclaimer: trying in the Netherlands, we succeeded in watching these games, but we can’t guarantee it’ll work from your place as well). Click on ‘Filtr:’ and choose ‘PRIPRAVUJEME’ to see all upcoming games.

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