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List: 10 Best players in the World of 2016! (men)

The yearly list of the 10 best players in the world by innebandymagazinet has been published! This year it consists of 5 Swedes, 4 Finns and a Czech.

10: Matej Jendrisak, Linköping IBK (CZE)
Czech centre tank Matej Jendrisak has made it into the top 10 list for the 2nd year in a row! He’s playing for Linköping IBK in the Swedish Super League, and has been a key player for his team that has made it all the way to the playoff finals 2 years in a row. In 2015 he was rewarded with ”rookie of the year”, and got the #9 spot in last year’s list of the best players in the world.

Photo: IFF

9: Rasmus Sundstedt, HC Rychenberg (SWE)
The 28-year old has once again made it back to the top 10, after being absent the last times. Together with Johan Samuelsson and Kim Nilsson he formed the 1st line of Sweden during the WFC. Last summer he transferred from Storvreta IBK to HC Rychenberg in the Swiss NLA league.

Watch: Rasmus Sundstedt’s 10 best goals!

8: Emil Johansson, IBF Falun (SWE)
For the 1st time, the 24 year old defender Emil Johansson got a spot among the 10 best in the world. This offensive defender plays in the first ”5” in IBF Falun together with Enström and Galante, creating what many would argue the best ”front 5” in the world.

Photo: Per Wiklund

Watch: Emil Johansson Top 5 Goals

7: Krister Savonen, Classic (FIN)
22 year old Krister Savonen has made huge progress in the last years, and has finally made it to the top 10. He was one of the best players for Finland during the WFC in December, and was rewarded with a spot in the all-star team. Besides being a fantastic defender, he’s also a really good penalty shooter – which he showed in the WFC final shootout vs Sweden.

Photo: Anssi Koskinen

6: Kim Nilsson, FBC Kalmarsund (SWE)
The world’s most expensive floorball player of all time, last year ranked as 5th best, and in 2014 as the #1 in the world – and isn’t even playing in the top league in Sweden! Last year he transferred from Swiss team GC Zürich to his home team FBC Kalmarsund, who are playing in ”Allsvenskan South”, the second top league in Sweden. However they are currently qualifying for a spot in the SSL.

Photo: Paul Madej

Watch: Kim Nilsson’s highlights from GC Zürich

5: Nico Salo, Classic (FIN)
Another new face to the top 10 list is Finnish Nico Salo. Currenlty playing for Finnish reigning champions Classic, but will join his Finnish countrymen Mika Kohonen and Jami Manninen next season in the Swedish Super League and FC Helsingborg.

Photo: IFF

4: Peter Kotilainen, Happee (FIN)
With a breakout performance at the World Championships in December, Peter Kotilainen was rewarded with the price as the tournament MVP. He scored 2 out of 3 goals in the final, and won the overall scoring league (10+6 in 6 games).

Photo: IFF Flickr

Watch: Peter Kotilainen World Championship MVP Highlights

3: Rasmus Enström, IBF Falun (SWE)

After being ranked as the best floorball player in the world last year, Rasmus Enström has now fallen down 2 steps. The IBF Falun captain creates together with Galante perhaps the best floorball duo of all time. This season he finished at the 3rd place in the SSL scoring league with 67 points in total (28+39)

Photo: Per Wilund

2: Eero Kosonen, Växjö Vipers (FIN)

Climbing from last year’s #10 spot all the way up to the 2nd, we have Finnish goalkeeper Eero Kosonen. After a fantastic debut season in Växjö Vipers in the SSL, Kosonen was rewarded with the rookie of the year award. It goes without saying that he’s been a clear choice for the Finnish coaches when picking their goalkeeper for international games.

Photo: Lena Gunnarsson

1: Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun (SWE)

Last year he was ranked as the 2nd best player in the world, but after this season there isn’t much to argue against placing Galante Carlström as the number 1. He won the scoring league in the SSL with a total of 93 (!) points scored. Out of the 93 points scored, 68 of them were goals, an average of 3 goals per game. The player who finished 2nd in the scoring league scored 67 points – goals and assists counted. So even if you were to not count the assists Galante scored, he would’ve still won the scoring league.

He stood for a great performance in the World Championships, and got a spot as the only Swede in the all-star team. In 6 games, he scored 13 points (8+5), 6th best in the tournament.

Congratulations Alexander Galante Carlström!

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Last year’s Top 10 list:

10: Eero Kosonen
9: Matej Jendrisak
8: Martin Östholm
7: Alexander Rudd
6: Ketil Kronberg
5: Kim Nilsson
4: Jani Kukkola
3: Robin Nilsberth
2: Alexander Galante Carlström
1: Rasmus Enström

Previous winners:

2005: Mika Kohonen
2006: Anders Hellgård
2007: Anders Hellgård
2008: Magnus Svensson
2009: Mika Kohonen
2010: Mika Kohonen
2011: Mika Kohonen
2012: Mika Kohonen
2013: Rasmus Enström
2014: Kim Nilsson
2015: Rasmus Enström

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