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The yearly list by innebandymagazinet of the 10 best players in the world has been published! 10: Eliska Krupnova, Pixbo Wallenstam (CZE) 9: Cornelia Fjellstedt, IKSU (SWE) 8: Eliisa Alanko, Classic (FIN) 7: Moa Tschöp, Täby FC (SWE) 6: My Kippilä, Rönnby Tigers (FIN) 5: Emelie Wibron, IKSU (SWE) 4: Corin Rüttimann, IKSU (SUI) 3: […]
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When executed well, the slapshot is the fastest shot in floorball. Where do the speed and power come from? That’s what I’m gonna dive into today, helped by ice hockey and… physics! Fact: in 2011, the record for the hardest ice hockey shot was broken: Denis Kulyash (Russia) managed to shoot with a speed of […]