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FloorballToday needs help and launches crowdfunding campaign

International floorball website FloorballToday has launched a continuous crowdfunding campaign on Patreon.

Without help, FloorballToday will have to stop

FloorballToday was founded in 2015 and is maintained by two Dutch floorball enthusiasts, Daniël Nicolai and Anne-Jan Hempenius. In this time, thousands of articles, interviews and videos have been posted attracting more than 100.000 different users.

Check the FloorballToday Patreon page here.

Co-founder Anne-Jan Hempenius: “Many of our readers think we are working full-time on FloorballToday, that we have enough cash flow to sustain our activities. However, in today’s times and with the current size of floorball the reality is that without help from the community we have to stop our activities within the next months.”

Patreon as a way to gather a floorball community

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that provides tools for creators like FloorballToday to run a subscription content service. By starting this, FloorballToday wants to build close relationships with its subscribers, or “patrons”, and provide exclusive experiences to them.

Hempenius continues: “That’s why we are launching on Patreon, a platform where we can connect directly with those who support us with a small monthly donation. We are truly excited because it allows us to gather a community of floorball enthusiasts from all around the world, the lines will be extremely short and our supporters will have a direct say in the things we do and the directions we take.”

More information

For more information you can visit FloorballToday on Patreon.

FloorballToday needs your support. Please consider donation a small monthly donation to make our website possible.
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