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Henrik Stenberg: “Lot of fun memories from Storvretacupen”

If you know floorball chances are you have heard about Henrik Stenberg. The Swedish striker, with six Swedish gold medals as well as four World Championships gold medals, has decided many a game in the Swedish Superleague as well as at Storvretacupen.

Henrik Stenberg has taken home two gold medals while playing on his youth team from Storvreta IBK in Storvretacupen and has fond memories from the tournament.

“I have a lot of fun memories from Storvretacupen. I even remember our first game and how we fought each year to win the tournament and in the end we did” says Henrik Stenberg.

As to what makes Storvretacupen a top floorball tournament he has no doubt.

“The size of the tournament and all the great arenas really gives it the feel of a professional tournament.”

As someone who has taken home a lot of gold medals, he knows what it takes to win.

“You have to be ready to play a lot of games in a short time and be ready even when they are played at odd times.”

Storvreta IBK are just getting started but the team and Henrik Stenberg have high hopes for defending the Swedish Championship gold.

“Looking at our squad we have one of the best teams with few changes going into the season. This helps up build on what we did last year” Henrik Stenberg concludes.

Check out more information about the world’s largest floorball tournament at storvretacupen.se

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