20 September 2019
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Storvretacupen Continues to Grow!

In the first of three articles about the world’s largest floorball tournament, hosted in Uppsala, Sweden, Storvretacupen, we look at how it continued to grow last time and is looking forward to further growth.

Every year around Christmas and New Year Storvreta IBK in Uppsala in Sweden hosts the world’s largest floorball tournament. In 2018/2019 the tournament was only a couple teams away from 800.

With teams coming in from all over the world Storvretacupen has seen visits from teams from the U.S, England, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Jamaica, Holland, Switzerland and more. Of course, there are also a large number of teams from Sweden and Finland in the mix each year.

“We love welcoming teams from all over the world to Uppsala, Sweden and to our great arenas. One might even argue that Uppsala is the Swedish floorball capital with state of the art IFU Arena that hosts three Swedish Superleague teams including Swedish Champions Storvreta IBK” says Storvretacupen’s content producer Adam Troy.

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Teams from all over the world participate in the Storvretacupen

IFU Arena with five courts under one roof is one of two main arenas. The other being Fyrishov, that houses no less than six courts.

Sign up has been strong even though it is early days, last chance to sign up isn’t until November.

“More and more teams are finding their way to the tournament. Besides the chance to play against teams from all over the world we think the fact all the games are streamed live online is a big draw. Chances are we will reach 800 teams this time around”.

In the next article, we will take a closer look at the fact that all the games are streamed.

Check out more information about the world’s largest floorball tournament at storvretacupen.se

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