The team behind FloorballToday have decided to go their separate ways, which of course sounds bad but it’s really the opposite of that. FloorballToday will redevelop itself as a global floorball news reporting website under Daniël & AJ whilst William and Hugo are starting a brand-new company. This means that you can still follow us on our Instagram-account FloorballToday for updates in the world of floorball, and you’ll be able to follow William & Hugo’s new endeavor on FloorballTomorrow & Hugo_FloorballTomorrow.

The result of our decision, in a nutshell, is more content for you. More news, more products, more highlights, more challenges, more everything:

William & Hugo will focus on bringing you the best highlights, goals, videos, photoshoots, products and fun challenges and that’s about as much as they’re willing to reveal at the moment. Keep an eye out for the release of their new company within the next few weeks!

You can follow their upcoming release on the following channels:
Instagram: FloorballTomorrow, Hugo_FloorballTomorrow
YouTube: FloorballMedia

AJ & Daniël will redevelop FloorballToday to be your ultimate source for daily floorball news, articles, interviews, and much more. In the Summer of 2019 the site will receive a complete overhaul to bring the news platform to the next level. Stay tuned, we’re working hard on FloorballToday 2.0 – behind the scenes!

You can follow FloorballToday on the following channels:
Instagram: Floorball_Today [you probably don’t follow this one right now as it’s a new account!]
Twitter: Floorball_Today
Facebook: FloorballToday

Our goal is to produce a large variety of content and we’re all focused on making sure that this will lead to a wider range of floorball for our readers and followers. Our love and passion for the sport will never cease and it’ll continue to be our fuel for quality content and we hope that you’re just as excited about this as we are!

With love and nothing but, Daniël, AJ, William & Hugo

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