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10 high impact players of the U19 WFC

Liam Perry, Australia

Photo: IFF

Age: 16 (2000)
Position: Forward
Club: Täby FC (Sweden)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 12 (12+0)

It wasn’t only the Australian team impressed the audience. Liam Perry, their goal machine was a stand out player as well. His young age didn’t stop him from finding the net – against Hungary he single-handedly scored 5 out of the 6 goals.

Marius Pedersen, Norway

Photo: IFF

Age: 18 (1999)
Position: Defender
Club: Sveiva IB (Norway)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 13 (7+6)

The Norwegian youngster really caught everyone’s attention with this smooth technique that had some some zorro skills involved. Against Canada he produced 4+4, and in the b-division final against Estonia he scored a hat-trick. Already in 2016 he got a spot in the senior national team and participated in December’s World Championships where he stood for 1 goal. An entertaining player and definitely a possible SSL player in the future!

Michal Dudovic, Slovakia

Photo: IFF

Age: 18 (1999)
Position: Forward
Club: SV Wiler-Ersigen (Switzerland)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 11 (6+5)

Young but experienced least to say. This was his 3rd world championship played (2 U19 and 1 senior). Already in December he got a lot of recognition for his performance at the WFC, and was after that signed by Swiss NLA team SV Wiler-Ersigen. As expected, Dudovic didn’t fail to deliver this time as well – 6 goals and 5 assists from his stick is definitely a good performance.

Justus Kainulainen, Finland

Photo: IFF

Age: 18 (1999)
Position: Forward
Club: LaSB (Finland)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 16 (11+5)

The top scorer of the U19 WFC. Kainulainen didn’t only hold a high level throughout the entire tournament, he was best when it mattered the most. In the final against Sweden he scored 4 goals (!) and 1 assist in the team’s 7-4 victory – one of them what might’ve been the craziest goal of the tournament.

Otto Weidman, Sweden

Photo: IFF

Age: 19 (1998)
Position: Forward
Club: Jönköpings IK (Sweden)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 10 (5+5)

The captain of Sweden can definitely be considered to be one of the best players in the team. He showed good leadership on the field, and delivered both goals as well as assists – one of them a true beauty.

Felix Robillard, Canada

Photo: IFF

Age: 19 (1998)
Position: Forward
Club: Ottawa Blizzard (Canada)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 13 (10+3)

The North American goal-scoring forward showed a great consistency throughout the entire tournament. He didn’t finish a single game with less than 2 goals scored. Against Japan and Hungary he scored a hat-trick, and in the latter one he also managed to find 3 assists.

Ondrej Nemecek, Czech Republic

Photooto: Martin Flousek

Age: 18 (1998)
Position: Defender
Club: Tatran Stresovice (Czech Republic)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 7 (2+5)

Czech Republic’s future promise lived up to the expectations he had after his performance at the senior World Championship in December, where he wasn’t only a part of the national team despite his young age, he also got a lot of time on the field. His 191 cm makes him a tough player for the opponent to get past – his spot in the all star team is well deserved!

Wojciech Malajka, Poland

Photo: IFF

Age: 17 (1999)
Position: Forward
Club: FBC Ostrava (Czech Republic)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 15 (13+2)

Another player from this list who participated in the senior WFC last year is Poland’s top scorer Wojciech Malajka, who became the tournament’s 2nd best point scorer. Just like Canada’s Robillard, Malajka didn’t score less than 2 goals in a game. His peak performance came against Latvia where he scored an impressive 5 goals.

Simon Laubscher, Switzerland

Photo: IFF

Age: 19 (1998)
Position: Centre/Forward
Club: SV Wiler-Ersigen (Switzerland)
Points U19 WFC 2017: 12 (5+7)

Switzerland’s captain was already a part of the U19 team 2 years ago when the team made it to the final. This time he had a bigger role and more pressure to deliver – which he did. 5 goals and 7 assists combined with his leadership on the field granted him a part of the all star team.

Riko Saarentola, Finland

Photo: IFF

Age: 19 (1998)
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Classic (Finland)

Statistically not the best goalkeeper of the tournament, but nevertheless a crucial player for his team. In the big games against Switzerland and Sweden (both in group stage and final), he was the #1 pick for the coaches. Among 110 shots fired at him, 93 were denied. Only Switzerland’s Yanick Flury stood for more saves (94), but had a worse percentage of saves (79%), compared to Saarentola’s 85%.



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