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Want to reach #1 in the IFF App? Our stats-based predictions of DAY 1

Predicting the WFC games in the IFF app is one of the many ways to make the whole WFC experience more fun. Whether you are going for that #1 spot to win your own Unihoc stick or whether you’re in it to beat your friends, it adds a lot of excitement to watching a floorball game.

And if you are anything like me, every year the result is kinda disappointing. Perhaps you missed some games, filled in wrong numbers, made some last-minute changes that you regret (been there) but you never reach a high enough spot. And every year you promise yourself next year you will do better. And this keeps happening, year after year.

Until now. With my help, you will beat all of your friends because I have been looking at historical (H2H) data and past results to make a prediction for each matchup. Every day you will find a prediction of the day that follows where I give a prediction of how many times each team will score and the predicted goal gap.

Because this costs a lot of time and we REALLY need your support we give the first two predictions as a gift. The other predictions are for our Premium members who make FloorballToday possible. If you love floorball and our content, please consider donating a small monthly amount which helps us tremendously.

Finland vs Poland

Finland meets Poland in the first round. Historically, Poland has been able to play reasonably well against Finland compared to other TOP4 countries. If you ignore the stats it’s easy to think Finland will easily walk over Poland but it’s unlikely Finland will score many goals. Looking at the previous head-to-head (H2H) matches we can see that Poland has improved their performance over the years against Finland. Finland won all of the games:

2011: 13-2
2013: 10-1
2013: 9-2
2015: 5-2
2017: 4-0

Important to note is that it’s fairly unlikely that Poland will score more than two goals against Finland. A safe bet would be 1-2 goals for Poland, and something between 4-8 goals for Finland. An expected goal gap is somewhere between 3 and 5.

Japan vs Denmark

The good news is that these teams have met in the previous reinstallments of the Women WFC with Denmark the winner in all of them. That means we have some data to base our decisions on:

2011: 7-2
2013: 11-2
2015: 5-3
2017: 11-3

Floorball scores are relatively hard to predict and these results show why. Based on the information we can expect 2-3 goals for Japan but Denmark’s amount of goals is harder to predict. We would say that 7-11 goals for Denmark is a solid estimate with a goal gap between 6-8.

Switzerland vs Germany

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