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SWEDISH CHAMPIONS: Storvreta makes dream-comeback and takes Swedish GOLD

13,448 spectators saw Storvreta successfully defend their championship against an eager Falun. Despite a 3-0 lead for Falun, who had Storvreta cornered in the first half of the game, the reigning champions were able to turn the game around for a 5-3 win.

With two 2-minute penalties in the first five minutes, shared equally between the floorball superpowers, the game had anything but a calm start. Storvreta, who were given the first powerplay, failed to score but Falun was more successful. It was Omar Aldeeb who opened the score after a quick dragshot – out of reach of Viktor Klintsten’s hands. Falun continued and took control of the somewhat chaotic first period. The team doubled their score with a goal by Jonas Adriansson in a counter – Storvreta goalkeeper Viktor Klintsten didn’t go quite clean.

With renewed energy Storvreta tried to take back control over the game. It forced a 2-minute penalty on Falun’s side but the team failed to score. Like in the first period, this proved a costly mistake as a greedy Falun took the opportunity for the 3-0 instead. For the second time Omar Aldeeb found the goal, this time assisted through the air by Johannes Larsson, who also stood behind Aldeeb’s first goal. Momentum was definitely with Falun but a slapshot goal by Jesper Berggren, who played his last game for Storvreta, was a sign that Storvreta can never be discounted. In the minutes that followed, Falun remained dominant but a mistake in build-up was a turning point in the game. A collision between Alexander Rudd and Johan Rehn resulted in a penalty shot for Storvreta:

When the third period started, the game could go both ways. It was Storvreta, however, to grab Falun at the throat the same way Falun did to Storvreta in the first half of the game. The equalizer fell in a Storvreta powerplay – the team managed to score the power play goal when it truly mattered. The comeback was completed minutes later when Jimmie Petterson scored the 4-3 from the middle after his line-buddy Henrik Stenberg stole ball from Johannes Larsson. With only a couple of minutes left to play Falun had to force a goal and pulled their goalkeeper with two minutes left on the clock. It was instead Niklas Winroth to score the empty net goal and score the final goal of the match: 5-3.

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