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Stick in the Spotlights | Krister Savonen and his 101 cm stick

Which sticks and brands do pro players use? FloorballToday explains it to you in the Stick in the Spotlights series.

Krister Savonen is Finland’s best defender, according to the Top 10 Floorball Players of 2019. With his 4th place, he only finds Emil Johansson, Alexander Rudd and Joonas Pylsy in front of him.

Which stick and blade does Savonen use? And – perhaps more importantly – why does he play with a stick this long? Read on to find out more, or guess the stick based on the picture below:

Krister Savonen at the CC 2020 game between Wiler-Ersigen – Storvreta (Photo: Claudio Schwarz/unihockey-fotos.ch)

Savonen has been one of the best floorball players in the world, throughout the last years. He became the 7th ranked player worldwide in 2016, climbed to 2nd place in 2017 and 2018 and was awarded with the 4th spot in last year’s Top 10 election.

His move from Classic to Wiler-Ersigen was quite the surprise, but with 58 points in 22 games, Wiler showed itself as the strongest team – with Savonen as one of the key players. Due to the coronavirus, the Swiss NLA was canceled, with no champion. Next year, Savonen will give it another go in his hunt for the Swiss title.

Photo: IFF

Savonen – 1.72m tall – plays with a 101cm stick. Why? Read on to find the answer to this question and more!


“The stick I’m playing with is Oxdog Ultralight HES, Frozen pink, 27 flex and 101cm long”, Savonen starts off with. It’s quite a long stick for the 1.72m tall Savonen. “I don’t even know why I tried 101cm stick, I played before with shorter one. It was at the U19 EFT when I tried it the first time.”

Savonen’s stick (and, as a bonus, also his shoes)

Savonen is very honest when asked why he still plays with the relatively long stick:

“But why I’m still playing with longer is because I like to play more straight body and that I don’t need to bend my knees so much when I have the ball (it means that my playing position is not perfect, and for younger players, I want to say that you should focus on your playing position ūüėú).

I also feel that I get more help from the longer stick to defend when I’m trying to get the ball from someone and also while protecting the ball.”

Is the blade shaped differently or are you using the factory setting?

“When I played in Finland I didn’t do anything to my blades, but here in Switzerland floors are a little bit different so I have to do something – but not much.”

The blade

“The blade is Razor MBC.”

Expert thoughts

Hugo Falk (@hugofgfloorball) spoke with us about Nico Salo’s stick and blade in a previous episode of Stick in the Spotlights. He told us about the Ultralight stick: “It’s Oxdog‚Äôs best selling stick, with reasons of course.”

About the blade: “The razor is a technical blade.”

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