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This is how the first day of Champions Cup went down (SHOCK RESULTS!)

With all the semifinals of the Champions Cup 2020 done and dusted, we’re preparing ourselves for the final day of this elite tournament. But not before we look at everything that happened on Saturday!

Champions Cup Semifinals Women

The day started with the meeting between the Swiss women champions Kloten Dietlikon-Jets and SB-Pro. Quite quickly it turned out the Swiss were much stronger than their opponent. Partly thanks to an unleashed Alice Grandstedt who scored 5 goals and 1 assist, the Swiss team qualified for tomorrow’s final in which the Swedish team will meet Täby. At the beginning of the afternoon, the Swedish champions had to compete against home team Vitkovice who initially started the game the best. Unfortunately, they saw the 2-0 lead evaporate during the match and had to acknowledge their superiority in Täby, who won the match 6-3.

Champions Cup Semifinals Men

On the men’s side, we found two contrasting games. The men started with a Czech-Swedish meeting, but there was no tension in this match. The ruling Swedish champions Storverta made mincemeat of the home team Vitkovice and won the match 11-1. The ultimate spectacle of the day started in the evening with the meeting between Classic and Wiler-Ersigen. It was an exciting and beautiful match in which Wiler-Ersigen had a 6-3 lead in the last period due to hard and smart work. However, Classic did not give up and worked their way back to 5-6 with 10 minutes to go. The goals followed each other in quick succession and Classic even came 7-7 to level the game. However, it was Marco Louis who made the 8-7 in a counter, which turned out to be the final blow for Classic. The final score was 10-7 for Wiler-Ersigen who conceded two empty-netters.

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