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Danish student in China: “Positively surprised by the level of the Chinese players”

Floorball in China is on the rise. With just the third season of the men’s Oriental league, it has already recruited its European stars. One of the main figures in the league is Kasper from Denmark, playing for the newly established team FCP and studying in China, we asked him about his thoughts on the Chinese floorball.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your floorball history?

My name is Kasper Abildgaard. I am 23 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been playing floorball in the Copenhagen-based club Copenhagen FC since I was around 12 years old. I play with my team in the best Danish league, and I was furthermore a part of the Danish national team larger roster before I left for China.

How did you get to China and what are you doing here?

I am currently on an exchange program in Shanghai at Jiao Tong University. I have been here since the start of September, and it has been amazing so far.

What is your view of the local floorball and your involvement?

When I arrived, it was arranged for me to play in the Chinese league for the team FCP. My view of the local floorball is very positive. I didn’t have any expectations, but I am positively surprised by the level of the Chinese players. While the tactical understanding might lack, the technical level is decent, at least compared to how long most of them have actually played. I think that the Chinese floorball scene has great opportunities for further development.

I know that there are several youth tournaments happening around the city, with a lot of children participating. And like many other sports in China, it is just a matter of time before people start noticing the sport, and then it will grow rapidly.

Would you recommend other students from Europe to come and play floorball in the Chinese league?

I would definitely recommend playing in the Chinese league if you have the chance. In the league, I know of players from China, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland and Sweden, and probably more countries. So besides being able to keep playing floorball while in China, it is also a great way to meet a lot of new people from all over the world.

For those who would like to come to China and join the Oriental floorball league, contact Michael Blazik.

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