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“We see our team mates more than our family”

Lina Chu (Singapore) is ready for her debut at the World Floorball Championships.

The 22-years-old Lina Chu has played for ten years now, since 2010. She plays for Merahan Knightingales in the Women’s Premier League in Singapore. This upcoming WFC in Switzerland is her debut appearance.

How has your road to the tournament been?

The majority of us started our preparation for the tournament almost at the beginning of the year. It was a tough ride together with the team as we see each other more than our family due to the number of trainings a week.

As the saying goes “Hard work beats talent”, in order to perform at a higher level we have to train hard. Hence I think a tough ride will all be worthwhile.

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Lina Chu from team Singapore (Photo: IFF)

Which teams did you play against at the WFCQ and how were these matches?

In the WFCQ group stage, we went against Malaysia, Korea, and Japan. We then played against New Zealand and Thailand afterwards.

I felt that we played alright but teams like Thailand and Japan were tougher opponents for us since they are generally more aggressive in terms of physical play.

You play against the USA, Thailand, and Australia, what are your thoughts?

As stated earlier, I have played with Thailand at the WFCQ. As this is my first WFC, I am thrilled to play against the USA and Australia which will definitely be a good experience for my team and me, after all, they are much quicker and more experienced in their play.

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Lina Chu from team Singapore (Photo: IFF)

How is your personal preparation for the WFC?

So far so good! Other than having court sessions 2 to 3 times a week, we do have gym sessions too to increase body strength to go up against tougher opponents.

In addition, it’s not that easy for me to find extra time as I have to balance a full-time job and trainings at night. It is honestly quite tiring but it’s worth the time taken.

How is your team preparing for the WFC?

I think my team is preparing relatively well for WFC with multiple training sessions together a week and we had some friendly matches along the way for us to execute the game plan given by our coaches, at the same time focusing on areas that can be improved.

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