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10 essential referee tips (advanced) from world-class referee

Thomas Andersson has been regarded as one of the best floorball referees in the world for years. Together with his referee partner Rickard Wissman (you may know him from our Referee Question of the Week series), he has been leading SSL and WFC games for many, many years.

Together with Andersson we compiled a list of 10 essential referee tips for advanced referees. These are crucial pointers to bring your leading skills to the next level. Wondering who Thomas Andersson is? Read his introduction!

#1 – Be professional in all you do

Make all look at you as a professional! You’re the one in charge – together with your partner. Make sure everyone sees you as a professional.

#2 – Be prepared in anything that you do

In another article, Thomas will explain his pregame preparations. Together with Rickard, they plan, plan, plan! Which clothes to bring? Is there enough food? Which teams are playing? What can we expect? The more you know, the smaller the chance you’ll be surprised during the game.

#3 – Look like a referee

Work out, exercise, be fit: be physically ready to take calls throughout a game! It’s not only the players that have to run: you have to do it too! And they have the opportunity to take breaks during the game, you can’t…

#4 – Know your rules!

Do we really need to explain this one?

#5 – Be humble in your approach, but be clear in your decisions

There’s no need to yell or scream once you’ve given a 2-min penalty. The decision is clear, but the way you bring it to the player can be gentle.

#6 – Be honest and admit it when you are wrong

Even referees are humans! Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. No one expects you to be perfect, so it’s okay to admit the moments you were wrong. Players will understand, as long as you’re honest about it.

Rickard Wissman (Photo: Dennis Erixon)

#7 – Be communicative during the game

As long as the discussions are not negative on the game, you can be communicative during each match. You can use your whistle, but don’t forget to also use your voice and explain decisions if necessary.

#8 – Always seek for improvements

One can always look for ways to improve. You can get better as a referee, you can cooperate more with your partner, you can help to find ways to keep the game fast and intense – there are always opportunities!

#9 – Be aware of game destructive play

If possible, inform before penalizing. Do you feel the game is getting rough(er)? Tell the players you won’t allow it, warn them if it happens and – if necessary – give penalty minutes. Floorball is a beautiful sport, there’s no need to make it destructive.

#10 – Have fun!

You’re a referee in the best and fastest game in the world!

Do you have any questions about this article or specific questions you’d like to ask Thomas Andersson? Send us a message on social media or mail (daniel[@]floorballtoday.com)!

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