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“I want to win the Swiss championship and the Champions Cup”

Earlier on, we wrote about Joonas Pylsy’s decision to choose Switzerland as his new home country. Now it’s time to focus on the upcoming season, in which he’ll play at Wiler-Ersigen in Switzerland.

Summer training

In August, you’ve moved to Switzerland. How’s the floorball preparation been throughout summer?
“I’m in training now. I’ve started my preparation in May already. I’ve trained two months with Classic, and after that, I moved to Jyväskylä and started training individually and at Happee. They know me there, as I’ve played at Happee for six years before I moved to Tigers Langnau. In these six years, I played five years in the highest league and one year in the juniors. For a few years, I could play in two teams at the same time: junior and Happee league team. That’s why I won the U21 championships three times.”

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Joonas Pylsy with his former teammates Leikanen, Kivilehto, Salin and Salo (Photo: Salibandy.fi)


What do you expect from going to Switzerland?
“I played in Switzerland already, but now I’ll be playing there as a better player. I know the game style from Switzerland, so it’s not the biggest move as I know what I can expect. It’s similar to Finland, but the Swiss move faster and run more. I want to win the Swiss championship, and I also want to win the Champions Cup, that’s my main goal. I hope we can face Classic and beat them.”

“The best player I might face in Switzerland? People often mention attackers, as they make many goals, but I pick Luca Graf. He is a great defender, a strong and big guy.” Graf has played for Floorball Köniz and Växjö IBK, before he started at his current club GC Zürich, meaning Pylsy will meet him at least a few times in the field during the upcoming season.

Personal life

Your personal life might change a lot with the move to Switzerland. Can you give us some insight into what you do besides floorball?
“In summer, I play golf. During the winter, time goes by playing floorball. When I was young, I also played ice hockey and football. I play every kind of sports, especially ball games like tennis, golf and so on. I don’t have any sports I dislike, so one could definitely say I like moving.”

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MVP of the Champions Cup final 2019 (Image: IFF)

“I just finished my study at the university, but above all, I’m a professional floorball player so that takes most of my time. Of course, I spend time with my family. In Switzerland, I’ll probably work a couple of days per week, next to that it’s basically 100% floorball.”

This article is part of a larger interview with Joonas Pylsy. If you have any questions to Pylsy, contact us via social media or mail.

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