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Katarína Klapitová (Slovakia): “We concentrate on the games against the Czech Republic and Latvia”

Katarína Klapitová (team Slovakia, Piranha Chur) is a 25-year-old defender who’ll play her fifth WFC.

On Saturday, the WFC 2019 starts off and the Slovaks face one of the strongest opponents right away: Sweden. Hopefully, the team is prepared. We asked it Klapitová.

How has your road to the tournament been?

It started with 2 years cycle after WFC in 2017, when we finished at 5th place and finally made it to the top 8. That moment we knew that WFC 2019 is going to be a way more difficult and we need to train harder to come closer to top teams.

How were the WFCQ games, in which you faced Hungary, the Netherlands, and Latvia?

In the first two games, we scored 20 goals and we dominated the whole time. The game against Latvia was physically very difficult but we were more prepared and in the end, we won the game 5:3.

With Sweden, Czech Republic and Latvia, you face three strong opponents. What are your expectations towards these games?

We play against the 8-times WFC champions, which is more than the number of times we have even participated at WFCs, so this game will be very hard but not really decisive for the tournament.

We concentrate on the games against the Czech Republic and Latvia and of course our ambitions are to win those games.

How is your preparation for the WFC?

In this 2 years cycle I got the chance to play in 2 best teams in Switzerland so I think that my preparation was not so bad. I never miss trainings, I do all the “extra” things and I try to do everything to reach my maximum performance during WFC.

Do you think you can reach higher than 2017’s fifth place?

Our team changed a lot compared to previous WFC so to reach even higher ranking might not be in our power. On the other hand, it is not fully impossible if we will play the best games of our lives because our potential is very high.

At which club and in which country do you play?

I currently play for Piranha Chur in Switzerland.

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Katarina Klapitova with team Slovakia

How is the current season going?

We are in first place after half of the season so I can say I am satisfied. I am sorry that we lost one game after a very bad performance but it showed us that that there are still things to work on.

Are you a defender in both your club as the national team?

I play left defender in Piranha and it is same position as in the national team. Although last WFC I played left forward as well. The difference is that in national team I play much more in offense and expectations from me are way higher than in club.

How and when did you start playing floorball?

I started to play when I was 11 years old because my older brother played floorball and as every younger sibling I had to repeat everything after him.

I like to play other sports as well, although I have never joined another sports club.

What are your best floorball moments?

My best memories are related to winning the Swiss, Czech and Slovak title, and to reaching 5th place at last WFC. Those are the moments why you play this sport.

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