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Pixbo leads the charts after victory against FC Helsingborg (+Highlights)

Pixbo has started off its season in a great way. After beating Visby on Tuesday, they now took three points against FC Helsingborg . Despite having fewer shots on goal, the final score was 5-11.

Six goals were scored in the first period, by five players. Gustav Fritzell put Pixbo in the lead, but only 21 seconds later, Nicklas Lidholm equalized. A 2-min penalty from Oliver Windfeldt led to Andreas Stefansson scored 1-2 in powerplay. Pixbo gained momentum and saw Marek Benes scored 1-3 shortly after. With goals from Lidholm (again, 2-3) and Martin Östholm at the end of the period, the break started with 2-4 on the scoreboard.

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Within a 6-min period in the second period, Pixbo increased its lead from two to five when first Fritzell and then Adam Persson (twice) found the net. Helsingborg took a time-out right away, which helped to get the defense back up and disallowing Pixbo to score any more goals – yet.

The final period started off with Helsingborg scoring the important 3-7, by Jonathan Skoglösa. Could the team make this one a tense match again? Well, no. What surely didn’t make it easier: the team missed two penalty shots, one in the second period and one in the third, when the score was 3-7. The final part of the game became a goal frenzy in which both teams scored a few more, which led to the final score of 5-11.

Mark Benes (1+4) and Martin Östholm (3+0) gained most points this match. With six points out of two games, Pixbo is on top of the SSL. Helsingborg, having lost its first game against Kalmarsund already, finds itself back at the bottom of the charts. Their next games will be against Höllviken (Helsingborg) and Kalmarsund.

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