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How Andrea Gämperli started playing Floorball: “I didn’t have a choice”

Swiss forward Andrea Gämperli is ready for her second WFC, hosted by her own country.

How does it feel to play a ‘home WFC’ and what are the expectations? Gämperli answered these – and other – questions below!

At which club do you play and how is the current season going?

I transferred this season from Switzerland to Malmö FBC, Sweden. We’ve had a good start to the season and hopefully, we keep on going forward.

What is your position in the field and does it differ between Malmö and the national team?

I play in the center position, both in the club as well as in the national team.

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Andrea Gämperli (left) against Poland during WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

You didn’t need to play a WFCQ. How has the road to the WFC been?

Until now it has been a great journey with the team. Instead of the WFCQ, we had various training camps in Switzerland. Additionally, we intensified the training load during summer, where we mainly focused on physical performance.

By now, I think we are in all parts -technical, tactical and physical – well prepared for the WFC.

How many WFC’s have you played?

The upcoming WFC in Neuchâtel will be my second World Cup after de WFC in Bratislava 2017. Furthermore, I played two U19-World Cups, in 2012 and 2014.

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Andrea Gämperli (#5) became MVP in the WFC 2017 match against Poland (Photo: IFF)

In the group stage, you meet Germany, Poland, and Finland. What are your thoughts towards these games, and what are your goals?

The opening game will be against Germany. I think we must be well prepared and ready from the beginning. The first game of a tournament is never easy. Against Finland, I expect a tight game on a high level. The game against Poland will be a physical game as it always is against them.

Of course, our goal is to win all these games, get into a flow to be ready for the knockout stage of the tournament.

What do you expect from a WFC in your home country?

I expect a great organized event with a lot of Swiss supporters. I’m very looking forward to playing in front of our home crowd.

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Andrea Gämperli (right) celebrating with teammates during the WFC 2017 match against Poland (Photo: IFF)

Will there be more pressure as your now the home team?

I don’t think that there will be more pressure. In my opinion, the spectators can give us a lot of energy.

How is your personal + team preparation for the WFC?

As I said we had additional trainings with the team and friendly games during summer. After the summer we not only had different training camps, but also a tournament in Finland and the EFT where we played against the other top teams. After these intense last months, the team will meet for the last preparation at the end of November. Then we have two days at “home” before we will go to Neuchâtel together for the WFC.

How and when did you start playing floorball?

I grew up in a small village in Switzerland, where we used to play street hockey. Then my eldest brother founded a floorball club with some friends. Of course, all my siblings started to play for this club.

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Andrea Gämperli (left) against Poland, WFC 2017 (Photo: IFF)

Consequently, I – as the youngest of the family – hadn’t really a choice 😉 So I joined my first floorball training when I was 7 and after a short time I was fascinated by this sport.

But at this age, of course, I could not have imagined, that I will play a World Cup in Switzerland 17 years later.

Have you played any other sports?

I used to be in an athletic club as well as a tennis club for some years. I also played other sports during my free time. But floorball was the sport, I enjoyed most and soon became my passion. But of course, I still love to do other sports next to floorball.

What was your best floorball game ever?

I think the Swiss Superfinal 2017, where we won the Swiss Championship with Dietlikon, was my best floorball game.

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