9 December 2019
German Bundesliga

Call to German clubs/players: send us your game pictures!

Photo: IFF

We are looking for pictures from the German league. Are you a photographer, do you know one, do you take some pictures with your smartphone every now and then? Help us!

Since a few months, Kimmo Vallema writes about the German Bundesliga. To show even more of the German league, we’d like to add pictures to his articles – and for that, we need your help!

Sinds it’s impossible for us to travel to Germany on a weekly base (although we’re located in the Netherlands, it’s still too far away), we’re hoping teams, players and/or spectators can send us photos. We’ve contacted all clubs already, but only one of them responded (SSF Bonn you’re the best!).

You can send your photos to [email protected] or contact us via social media!

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