24 January 2020
Finnish Salibandyliiga News

1.500th official match point for Mika Kohonen

Mika Kohonen during Tiikerit - Happee (Photo: Salibandyliiga Flickr)

Mika Kohonen has reached another milestone. In the game between Happee and Tiikerit, he made his 1.500th official match point.

To get more into details: Kohonen has now scored 1.500 points in the highest leagues in Sweden (SSL) and Finland (Salibandyliiga) combined, according to his wife Cecilia Kohonen:


Translation: “Today, Mika assisted Peter Kotilainen in scoring 5-1, today’s third assist and his 1.500th point in the highest leagues in Sweden and Finland in total (basic series + playoffs). I think that is impressive, despite some subjectivity.”

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In 2017, Kohonen scored his 1.000th SSL point, when he was playing with Helsingborg. During Kohonen’s first year in Sweden (2000/2001), he broke a record that still holds today – 107 points in one season, with an average of 3.7 points per game.

His 1.500th point came from an assist to Peter Kotilainen, who scored Happee’s fifth goal in a game that would end up with a 7-4 victory for Happee. Kohonen gained 3 (0+3) points.

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