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“It has been a long journey, but a fulfilling one”

Fariza Begum is one of the goalkeepers from Team Singapore. She’s all ready for the World Floorball Championships!

Fariza has started playing floorball in 2005, when she was 16 years old. Her current club is Albatross FC.

Can you tell us how your road to the tournament has been?

It has been a long journey for most of us as we started our preparation many months before this. Also, it has been a fulfilling one as we were given ample opportunities to train together not only in Floorball related matters but also on our team’s dynamics.

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Fariza Begum (Photo: Yeo Xuan/ @yeoshoots)

How were the WFCQ games for you?

We played against Korea, Japan, and Malaysia in the group stage and New Zealand and Thailand in the next round.

The games against Japan and Thailand were definitely the toughest for us as these are two of the countries that have the strongest and most experienced players in their team.

What do you expect from the WFC games against the USA, Thailand, and Australia?

I’m very excited to play against these teams once again. As said these teams have many experienced players in Floorball and it will be good to see what they have when they go against Singapore in WFC.

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Fariza Begum at the AOFC 2019 (Photo: IFF)

How do you prepare for the tournament?

My preparation so far has been great! We have court trainings with the team a few times a week and also our own gym sessions to build strength and endurance. Sometimes, we do play other sports for active recovery and to train us on other aspects as well.

With the team, we have started to work on some issues that we had previously and we are doing our best to stick to the game plan set by our coaches.

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