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FloorballToday is over.

For four years we have reported on international and national competitions, leagues and tournaments, but that time has come to an end. FloorballToday as you know it is now over.

Does FloorballToday completely disappear?

Yes and no, read on for the explanation.

Since the start of FT in 2015, founders Anne Jan Hempenius and Daniël Nicolai have created more than five thousand articles, viewed by more than 100,000 different users. However, at the end of 2019, we needed to start a crowdfunding campaign, because we could not continue without your help.

Read: FloorballToday needs help and launches crowdfunding campaign

Since the start of the campaign, we have received support from a number of floorball fans worldwide (both on Patreon as via other channels). Their support is heartwarming and makes us incredibly proud, but in the end, it is (still) too little to exist. Last year we had to invest hundreds of euros ourselves to keep FloorballToday going – an untenable situation.

Now what?

In consultation, we decided to stop our work as floorball reporters, but to continue as bloggers. We will no longer post daily highlights or transfer news, but from now on focus on in-depth articles for our paying members. These Patreon Only articles will be about:

  • Products: everything you want to know about the latest sticks, blades and goalie gear;
  • Technique: we bring you tips to improve your shot, your control, your backhand, you name it;
  • Tactics: systems explained, both in defense and in offense. How do you play a two against one? How do you defend a counter?
  • Other articles, eg a history in the sport Floorball, and why is our sport actually called like that?

You can still support us, click here to become a Patron right away!

In summary: FloorballToday stops bringing floorball news. From now on you can no longer expect daily news from us, but we will try to publish Patreon Only articles a few times a month. Your support is crucial for our existence.

FloorballToday needs your support. Please consider donation a small monthly donation to make our website possible.
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