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Comeback against Visby brings Växjö to top of the SSL ranking (+Highlights)

The SSL newcomer Visby played strong against Växjö, but couldn’t manage to keep up with the opponent in the end: 5-6.

Visby IBK boldly took a 2-0 lead during the first part of the game. Kasper Broby and Markus Jovic were the goal scorers. At the start of the second period, Ludwig Persson scored 2-1, but the home team took back its two-goal lead when Emil Zetterberg scored 3-1.

At 26:48, Karljohan Ahlroth gave Växjö hope again, but shortly after, at 27:29, the 37-years old Zetterberg schored his second and Visby’s fourth: 4-2. The game went into the second intermission with a 4-3 score as Samuel Folkesson/Algman scored at the end of the period.

Växjö’s got closer to its objective – winning this game – in the first minutes of the last period, as And’re Andersson put the team next to Visby (4-4). It was his period anyway, as the also scored 4-5 and assisted Markus Jonsson in scored 4-6. Visby managed to score 5-6 when goalkeeper Rasmus Ekström was taken out, but it was too late to get a result.

Visby is ranked second-to-last with zero points out of two games. Växjö is at fourth place with six out of three.


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