7 December 2019
Finnish Salibandyliiga

Video: Ugly hit on goalkeeper Eero Kosonen leads to two-game ban

Eero Kosonen (Photo: Juha Käenmäki)

During the Salibandyliiga game between TPS and SPV, Ville-Martti Laine (TPS) hit goalkeeper Eero Kosonen on the head. He has been charged with a two-game ban.

In the video below, one can see the situation. After the game, the situation was investigated, leading to the two-game ban for Laine. The disciplinary office stated Laine had a clear view and was in the opportunity to avoid hitting Kosonen.

Kosonen was replaced by SPV’s other goalkeeper Rasmus Hasu. In the end, SPV won the game 11-9. The Finnish Paakallo wrote about the situation before already.

Watch the video below:

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