We’re on the edge of the final day of the WFC 2019: Superfinal Sunday.

Who will become the World Floorball Champion 2019, Sweden or Switzerland? And, before this final will be played, who will win the bronze medal and claim 5th and 7th place? Here’s the preview of what you can expect tomorrow:

10:00 CET Latvia –  Germany (7th place)

The Superfinal Sunday starts off with the battle for 7th place, between Latvia and Germany. On Saturday, both teams lost their second-to-last game; Latvia against Poland and Germany against Slovakia. Remarkably, both matches ended up in 6-1. Latvia seems to be the favorite of this game, as they’re at 5th place in the World Ranking, while Germany’s at 8th. However, if you’ve seen their game against Poland, it’s clear this tournament has been rather long for Latvia. Can they recharge once more, or will Germany win this final game?

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Latvia (Photo: Michael Peter/IFF)

10:30 CET Poland – Slovakia (5th place)

As you could have seen above, Poland and Slovakia were the winners of the first ‘playoff’ games for 5-8th place, which means they’ll now face each other to finalize their hunt for 5th place. Looking at the results between these two doesn’t give a clear indication in who’s the favorite, as Slovakia won the previous two games, but Poland the two before that (although in 2015 and 2013).

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Agata Plechan (#13, Poland) (Photo: Fabrice Duc/www.fabriceduc.ch)

13:30 CET Finland – Czech Republic (bronze final)

Finland and the Czech Republic will battle for bronze tomorrow. The main questions are: can Finland get themselves together after the tough loss against Sweden, and will the Czechs have the strength to temporary forget about their incredible loss against Switzerland, when a 2-6 lead turned into a 7-6 overtime defeat?

Finland has won bronze twice (usually, they make it to the final), while the Czech Republic has won it once.

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Eliska Krupnová scored 2+1 against Switzerland, but it wasn’t enough to reach the WFC final (Photo: Claudio Schwarz/unihockey-fotos.ch)

16:30 CET Sweden – Switzerland (final)

Sweden and Switzerland will battle it out for the gold. It seems it’s not the biggest surprise Sweden made it to the final, as they usually do. However, Finland surely scared them in the semifinal (5-4). The team is always confident, but the Finnish pressure probably has shown Switzerland how to handle the Swedes.

Speaking about confidence, Switzerland must have gotten an enormous boost after their comeback against the Czech Republic: 2-6 at 58:00, 6-6 at 60:00, followed by an overtime victory.

When looking at the stats between Sweden and Switzerland, there’s one little problem: Switzerland has never won an official match against Sweden… The teams met 42 times, with the first game in May 1995 (6-2 Sweden). In 2004, the teams tied twice (3-3, 4-4), but all other games were won by Sweden. Will tomorrow bring us a historical victory for Switzerland?

Switzerland reached the final by beating the Czech Republic 7-6 in overtime (Photo: Fabian Trees/www.imagepower.ch)
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