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8 goals in a single game! Sami Johansson helps Classic to 15-1 victory

An incredible thing happened last round in the Finnish league: while Classic beat Steelers, one player scored eight goals.

Sami Johansson is having a fantastic season so far already, but this game was next level. He scored eight goals and made it to ten points in total due to his two assists. His teammates Eemeli Salin (3+4) and Ville Lastikka (3+2) didn’t do all too bad either.

On fire

Sami Johansson is on fire since the start of the season in Finland. He scored the unbelievable amount of 29 goals. With 9 assists on the top of that he has 38 points in 9 games! He is on the top of the scoring table in the Finnish Salibandyliiga right now. Another 2 players from Classic are in the top 5 of the scoring table, Ville Lastikka (19+9) and Eemeli Salin (14+12).

Player points

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With this win, Classic continue their domination. So far they have won all nine matches with an impressive goal difference (94-28). They are looking very strong and it seems the loss of Joonas Pylsy and Krister Savonen (both to Wiler Ersigen, Switzerland) hasn’t affected Classic that much.

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Sami Johansson (Photo: Salibandyliiga)

With only victories, the team finds itself back on top of the ranking, with four points ahead of Nokian KrP. Last year’s final contender TLS is not having a very good start of the season as they are only at the eighth place of the table, with six losses out of ten matches.

The question is: can anybody stop this Classic machine from defending the Finnish title?


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With the Champions Cup getting closer, Classic seem like they are confident to take another trophy from this competition – like last year.

If the top players like Johansson or Lastikka can maintain this outstanding form for another two months, the opponents (Vítkovice/CZE, Storvreta/SWE, and Wiler Ersigen) are going to have a hard time with them.

This article was written by Petr Havej.

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